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Friday, November 14, 2008

Post 1700

The Best View in NYC

Double dose.

The only thumbs ever to make me feel all hot and bothered.

"Don't drink that coffee, you're bulimic.
There's nowhere here for you to throw it up."

"Here, give it to me...

...Sh*t that's hot!"

"I put my keys in my pocket so the Vixens could dream."

Sit on my bed, my bed, Bobby, please, it's much nicer than that one.

Hot coffee cup, then backing into the door. Not your day, is it?

A rare picture of Vincent standing on his head in a yoga class.

Astride the chair, leaning on the back.
Better astride me, leaning on the bed...


ann said...

oh val
that one word


Eliza said...

ann: I like how your mind works :-D

Val,your captions as ever are priceless..the yoga class one made me laugh out loud...good job I'm alone right now :-D

Anonymous said...

Happy 1700, and here's to 1700 more (at least!) You'd better get that capping finger busy ;0)

SnarkAngel said...

Congrats on the 1700! Ann, my sentiments exactly.

Music Wench said...

1700! Wow, that's a lot of posts! Congratulations on being diligent and sharing all your wonderful photos of Vincent and of your adventures. :-)

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