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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Efficiency Plus

Last week, just in time not to be able to do anything about it because of the holidays, I received official notification that I can start collecting my old age pension.

I already knew that my date was March 16th. In fact, they don't mention that in the letter, so it's just as well I knew it.

The letter said I need to apply four months before the date that I plan to receive my first pension payment. So that means they would have had to notify me by November 16th. December 23rd is a little bit late.

Just as well I don't want to claim till July at the earliest...

New baby, "old" baby and two tamanduas

Since breaking my foot in the summer, I haven't really been to the zoo, but a couple of weeks ago I managed a couple of hours.

I discovered that Effie, who has been longing for a baby for years, actually had a month-old baby His tiny head is just visible in her arms

Mjukuu's baby, a little girl who is now a year old, looked a bit thoughtful about no longer being the centre of attention.

The female tamandua (or tree anteater) was sleeping in ...a tree.

The male tamandua was on the wander.

Feeling Minnesota

Sorry, folks, I seem to be slowing down with my posts. I blame my iPad, which won't let me do posts in any way I've yet discovered, and my internet connection, which I must get round to phoning up and complaining about.

Vincent may not have looked at his best in this film, but it was entertaining, and he showed how good he can be at comedy.

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