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Sunday, December 27, 2015

New baby, "old" baby and two tamanduas

Since breaking my foot in the summer, I haven't really been to the zoo, but a couple of weeks ago I managed a couple of hours.

I discovered that Effie, who has been longing for a baby for years, actually had a month-old baby His tiny head is just visible in her arms

Mjukuu's baby, a little girl who is now a year old, looked a bit thoughtful about no longer being the centre of attention.

The female tamandua (or tree anteater) was sleeping in ...a tree.

The male tamandua was on the wander.


JoJo said...

How do they know that the gorilla was longing for a baby?

val said...

Trust me, JoJo, you can tell. She was longing to get her hands on this baby and the previous one that died. She looked at infants through the glass as if she would like to reach through and bring them to her. And she mated relentlessly with the previous male, who was known to be infertile, despite the fact that the fur he held on to was ripped out in handfuls.

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