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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Babies - primate and feline

Here's Mjukuu with her new baby. They think it's a girl, which is good, as she's less likely to be attacked if they ever need to import yet another male.

 photo DSC00377_zps65faa656.jpg

As for the tigers, they are nos so big at 11 months, it's mostly their fluffiness that helps one tell the difference between them and mum. Here we have mum Melati in the middle, flanked by the two boys, and the girl cub at the front.

 photo DSC00382_zpsdb37aff4.jpg

And here's a very relaxed boy cub.

 photo DSC00383_zps7194b11b.jpg

 photo DSC00385_zpsf5507a8f.jpg

Stress Position

One of those episodes where Vincent looks so tired.

 photo StressPosition36.jpg

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