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Saturday, April 04, 2009

The best birthday present ever

My friend had a migraine last week, and wasn't able to come and see me to give me my birthday present.

She brought it last night. The roses were lovely, the jewellery she made me was great, and the little Easter eggs - well, they won't last long!

But the main part of the present was absolutely mindblowing.

She has often spoken to me about the book she is writing. It is not for publication, it is just for her own pleasure. She told me she had written in a character based on Vincent since I transmitted V-fever to her, and gave her copies of Wendy's books.

She didn't tell me she was actually writing it for me. Yesterday she brought me a copy of the Vincent chapters.

They fill three ring binders.

I predict many happy days - and nights - ahead!

The View From Up Here

Oh dear, another album in a mess. There's no number 87, and it ends before 301.

Add to that the number of rather distant shots in what remains of the selection, and I felt I just had to add some yummy closeups.

He looks so tired in this episode.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Inert Dwarf

I don't mind at all that one of the pictures is of another character - it's that beautiful nurse who was embarrassed by her charge and his wife having sex.

I couldn't resist an Ann Dowd extra, though.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Silver Lining

This is such a poor selection, the only time the numbers have let me down completely, and there is no 301. Obviously, I have to compensate us all with a rich vein of bonus pictures.

And here they are:

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


It's great to live in London. I wanted to go to London Zoo yesterday in the sunny warm spring weather. Everything about my journey went like clockwork. I got there in 75 minutes - a record. It was a great day in many ways, though there were 1400 schoolchildren there, and it is only a relatively small site. Then there was the large Scandinavian couple trying to sneak grapes to the meerkats (which eat insects, snakes, scorpions, NOT fruit). I told them to stop, but they acted as if I was stupid and at fault. I later managed to sic security on them :)

The journey home started off promisingly. I realised my bus would take me to the Angel Islington (now sadly just a tube station, the eponymous pub being long gone) which was good, because the station I usually go from had the down escalator out of service, and that meant walking down 96 steps of a spiral staircase. No way.

I had three stops to go on the Northern Line before changing at Bank station on to the Docklands Light Railway directly home. One stop away, they informed us that the police had asked them not to stop at Bank. The name's a clue here. It's at the heart of the City of London, the capital's old financial centre, and home of the Bank of England. Outside, thousands of protesters were gathered on the eve of the G20conference. So I stayed on for an extra stop, to London Bridge. Here I had to make a choice. Take an overland train home, or get on the tube and then change to the DLR at Canary Wharf, the NEW financial centre. Usually at times like this tickets are usable on any transport system, but no announcement had reached my ears, so I stayed on the underground.

Amazingly, all the priority seats were taken up by unfortunate young people who were clearly blind, as they were unable to see the creaking oldies who were "less able to stand" than them. My legs and feet are still complaining loudly, as struggling to remain balanced on odd-length legs uses muscles that usually lie dormant.

Was it worth it? You tell me when you see the best of the animal shots I took.

Oh, and by the way, the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 (the radio programme which is official used by submariners to gauge whether the world had ended when they surface - no Today, no Britain) today broadcast a report that London Zoo's dominant female gorilla, Zaire, was being brought doughnuts by squirrel monkeys that they had sneaked past electric fences to steal for her. She loves food. But it's the colobus monkeys who have access to her island, so I couldn't quite work it out. The volunteer on duty soon clarified matters for me by asking, "What date is it today?"

How can such an organ, pillar of the establishment, pull such a fast one?

An extra P.S. - America, we have your President, AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE HIM BACK!


This is probably my least favourite episode. I hated the husband, and I have no idea why the woman couldn't have pleaded mental defect. Oh yes, of course, it's because MEN don't get post-partem depression, so it can't be a real illness.

There's one disappointment in the choices, so I thought I'd reuse this slideshow to make up.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In The Dark

I really dislike this episode (except for the obvious) and to make matters worse, my numbers came up with some really distant shots (though one of them is nice and groiny). So I have treated us to a few nice closeups at the end.


In the 60s one of my favourite (non-Beatles) records was Yesterday Man by Chris Andrews. It doesn't seem to get many plays, even on oldies stations, but I did find in on YouTube.

My memory of Chris Andrews is not quite the long-haired 1970s guy that's been poured into his trousers. I seem to recall he was fairly short-haired for the time, and smartly besuited. In this "live mime" from 1971 I would not have recognised him.

Still love the song, though.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Some great closeups but...

...can't post Eosphoros without this:

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