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Saturday, December 29, 2007

News Update

I have just ordered another copy of Guy from Ebay that the seller SWEARS is in its cellophane wrapper and NOT a burn. I actually queried the first copy with the seller when I got it because it had no proper case, and I was told they'd got it at the Sundance festival as was.

Just to recap for Jane/Janey/Lexy/Frogger regarding the copyright protection message I'm getting on Season 5 Episode 21, when I had the copyright problem on an earlier episode, I tried out a connector I had bought to try and convert my NTSC videos to DVD, but no deal. The manufacturer of my TV-video informed me that there was no output on the video except to the TV. So I dug out my old video recorder (which incorporates a DVD player), manipulated the scart plugs till I got a feed from the player to my HDD/DVD - where the episode lurked on the HDD, but was also displaying the protected message when I tried to copy it to DVD - and then put in my video (yes, I had recorded it to video as well as HDD and Sky+). This I copied to the HDD, then edited it and transferred it to DVD.

So, thanks, Jane, but it's actually not as easy as you make it sound. It's do-able, and I will do it, but it will take several hours that I have not yet had to spare. This nightmare journey was originally posted on here by me at a stage when you were obviously not reading my blog.


Last night we had another opportunity to drool over Bobby's deliciousness in this episode. It's not a favourite from the point of view of the storyline, but it contains some great moments.

And then of course there's the wonderful sleight-of-hand that only our esteemed former street magician could achieve.

Friday, December 28, 2007

What a Guy!

Well, I thought, why not continue with the theme of naked Vincent? So out came my spare hard drive (so to speak...) where the pictures live since BotoPhucket deleted them.

I can't help thinking that my copy of the DVD is a bogus copy, as everyone else's pictures are so much clearer than mine.

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