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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Just so you know, the reason the NFT showed The Newton Boys was 'cos they were having a gangster movie season. It's subject matter is a link between cowboys and gangsters.

I kind of noticed the other posters, but only registered that none of them was of the Boys. I wonder why?


As the first episode in which we find out how clever Bobby is, this one has a special place in my heart.

I love the vocalisation that goes with this image.

The eyebrow is great - I love the snippet in general, with Bobby raising his eyes at Lange paying Eames a compliment.

I love the little curl at the back, but it's the neck I'm most interested in here.

I still recall how my dvd froze towards the end of this episode, and I have never got round to completing the set, which is a shame, 'cos I love it when he paces round the perp in the studio, and when he arrests Lange.

Friday, July 31, 2009


This was a difficult one to narrow down, but I managed to limit myself to just three. Slideshows.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daily Motion Interview

I just logged on to send an email to the suppliers of the (wrong) part to fix my loo, and read the Google Alerts, including this interview (subtitled in French) of Vincent talking about Staten Island. My first thought was to save it, my second was to share it with those who hadn't yet seen it.

Fourth Plinth

As the fourth (empty) plinth in Trafalgar Square (btw, what's so funny about the word plinth?) is right outside the National Gallery, I got to see what was on it twice during the course of Tuesday. The first was pretty boring - some guy completely still standing in a white body stocking. Then I read Fuzzytweetie's post ( in a letter supposedly from me to Max, and it all fit so well. Except that this man was no Vincent, as you can see.

As we appraoched it from the other side of the Square, my friend thought the exhibit was an Egyptioan funerary boat. Then I realised that what did, admittedly look rather reed boat like, was the safety net. I didn't get a picture of that particualr effect.

Now if that were Vincent in a body condom, I'd be up there on that plinth, fear of heights or no, ravishing him in public, and wild horses wouldn't get me down.
On the way out, the exhibit was being taken down. I had no idea what it was till I looked up the website that had been displayed on the plinth - It's the Cleft Lip And Palate Association.

Time to make Amends

Anyone remember the trailer for this with Eames saying, "This isn't one of your puzzles, Bobby. This is my life"? I always wondered what happened to the second part of that when the episode aired - it wasn't in the finished episode.

A picture with everything - especially neck!

I just love Bobby's wide-eyed expression in this picture.

As for standing to attention in dress blues - well, I can certainly think of one part of him I'd love to see standing to attention.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Sunny Day In London Town

Yesterday, I met up with my friend to paint the town. Well, we looked at some paintings in the town. From Corot to Monet at the National Gallery showed me I really don't like Corot much, but found a great painter called Daubigny that I hadn't been familiar with before. The one painting that stood out though was a Turner. Once you've seen him, even Monet looks a bit bland. Well I think so, anyway.

Then we walked across one of the Jubilee bridges to the South Bank, where some genius has decided to stunt the mature trees by wrapping them in red fabric with white spots on, secured with very tight ties, just at the height of the growing season, and just when the mindless tourist can amuse itself by signing the white spots.

After a delicious meal at the National Film Theatre it was into the cinema to see The Newton Boys. (I'd been hoping Ann could join us, but a swift phone call later I found she was just home from a meeting, boohoo.)

I've never yet capped this film, so many thanks, Eliza, for the pictures. Seeing Dock's manhood waving at us from the big screen was a memorable experience.
The audience was very appreciative. At the NFT it's customary to applaud when the film has finished. After the film, I heard a man behind us say, "I can't believe they never released this." I couldn't resist turning to him and saying, "Vincent D'Onofrio's in it, they never release his films."

On the way home, I saw a young man perched on a bicycle rack texting. It was one of the more isolated places in my walk home. When I saw his dog in the shadows, I couldn't help myself. I didn't take a detour. I didn't run. I said, "That's not walking the dog, that's sitting with the dog." He laughed.
One day I'll say something genuinely funny and people will split their sides.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All In

Let's concentrate on expression this time.

Denoting humour.

Looking serious, and perhaps a bit of concern thrown in.

A bit of frustration in there, maybe?

Monday, July 27, 2009


I really love this hand shot. I just have to try to focus out the blood.

I loved his hair in this episode, but it was very difficult to find a picture that showed it in all its glory, and was sufficiently close up.

Strength, sensitivity, humour and knockout eyelashes. What more could a girl want in a man?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Her Majesty's plans for the week

Aside from getting a leaky toilet fitting fixed, my main plan for tomorrow is to get my brain fixed. I am going to the hypnotherapist who got me off food-bingeing fifteen years ago, with a view to losing my (many) extra inches and pounds over a sensible period that won't leave me with more baggy skin than necessary.

Then on on Tuesday, My friend and I are going to the National Gallery to see a landscape exhibition From Corot to Monet. While there we hope to take in a few of the exhibits on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

This plinth has been empty ever since it was built in the yeat dot. There has been much debate over who/what should go there - Nelson Mandela? The Queen? John Lennon?

Recently there have been some temporary exhibits on the plinth, such as this colourful perspex - thing...

...and Alison Lapper Pregnant. (She's a real life Venus de Milo, only she never had arms to lose, being a Thalidomide baby.)

Now Anthony Gormley has been given permission to put on a different exhibit every hour for some months. Thousands of people applied, giving their plans for their hour, and he has made his selections. Randomly off the internet I have chosen this man made up to be a Roman statue:

This man with an anti-smoking message:

And this:

Whatever it is.
After our arty pursuits, comes a meal and then - Tara! - The Newton Boys. Hopefully with no one between us and the, er, oilrig scene, with that giant...well, rig.

Plan A for Acts of Contrition

I've decided to do a new A-Z, choosing just 3 pictures from each episode. And I mean to stick to it. Honestly I do.

I still can't believe I got nearly 20 pictures out of a piece of film that lasts only a couple of seconds.

Bobby has his luscious lips parted and ready to receive my kiss.

The corners of his mouth are turned down, yet there's just a suggestion of a smile.
Such a clever actor.

There were lots of temptations along the way, including the scene where Bobby "lights up" but I wanted to restrict myself. Couldn't help the ball bearing though...

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