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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Her Majesty's plans for the week

Aside from getting a leaky toilet fitting fixed, my main plan for tomorrow is to get my brain fixed. I am going to the hypnotherapist who got me off food-bingeing fifteen years ago, with a view to losing my (many) extra inches and pounds over a sensible period that won't leave me with more baggy skin than necessary.

Then on on Tuesday, My friend and I are going to the National Gallery to see a landscape exhibition From Corot to Monet. While there we hope to take in a few of the exhibits on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

This plinth has been empty ever since it was built in the yeat dot. There has been much debate over who/what should go there - Nelson Mandela? The Queen? John Lennon?

Recently there have been some temporary exhibits on the plinth, such as this colourful perspex - thing...

...and Alison Lapper Pregnant. (She's a real life Venus de Milo, only she never had arms to lose, being a Thalidomide baby.)

Now Anthony Gormley has been given permission to put on a different exhibit every hour for some months. Thousands of people applied, giving their plans for their hour, and he has made his selections. Randomly off the internet I have chosen this man made up to be a Roman statue:

This man with an anti-smoking message:

And this:

Whatever it is.
After our arty pursuits, comes a meal and then - Tara! - The Newton Boys. Hopefully with no one between us and the, er, oilrig scene, with that giant...well, rig.


jazzy said...

Nelson Mandela, The Queen, John Lennon, good suggestions. But how's about a 10 meter high Vincent???

fuzzytweetie said...

PLINTH........who'd a thunk there ever was a word like that? Learn something new every day on VDO blogs.

Obviously, I vote for Vincent.....or a facsimile of a part of him!!

SnarkAngel said...

Priority Number One: Fix Toilet or watch Newton Boys? Well, if I HAD to choose ... hmmmmmm ...

Eliza said...

Good luck with the hypnotherapist..if it works you can pass on some tips :-)

I'm still incredibly jealous of you going to see Doc on a big screen..but I won't hold it against you lol

I'd never thought of putting V on a plinth..but I'm sure if I did, it would be in private

ann said...

apart from the leaky loo, the rest sounds cool - most times I'm in Trafalgar Square are for peace rallies

My Prince Vincent already stands on a pedestal

Anonymous said...

Don't forget you're supposed to be on holiday tho' ;0)

Anonymous said...

I've thought about getting hypnotyized to get over my fear of heights and spiders. I still can't decide if it actually works.

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