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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plan A for Acts of Contrition

I've decided to do a new A-Z, choosing just 3 pictures from each episode. And I mean to stick to it. Honestly I do.

I still can't believe I got nearly 20 pictures out of a piece of film that lasts only a couple of seconds.

Bobby has his luscious lips parted and ready to receive my kiss.

The corners of his mouth are turned down, yet there's just a suggestion of a smile.
Such a clever actor.

There were lots of temptations along the way, including the scene where Bobby "lights up" but I wanted to restrict myself. Couldn't help the ball bearing though...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to applaud your (miraculous) restraint in choosing only 3!

jazzy said...

the pic of his hand holding the little ball is on my "the top five sexual innuendos" list.

fuzzytweetie said...

Let's see how long the "3" restraint lasts. Your penalty will be a spanking, by Bobby of course. Easy vixens, the line forms BEHIND me....

SnarkAngel said...

Watching "Acts" right now... something about Bobby in a church ... makes me want to do him on the altar! I know ... I'm gonna burn in hell for that one!

Eliza said...

Thats a tough challenge you've set yourself, but I have faith you will stick to it :-)

Love your choices so far

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