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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Sunny Day In London Town

Yesterday, I met up with my friend to paint the town. Well, we looked at some paintings in the town. From Corot to Monet at the National Gallery showed me I really don't like Corot much, but found a great painter called Daubigny that I hadn't been familiar with before. The one painting that stood out though was a Turner. Once you've seen him, even Monet looks a bit bland. Well I think so, anyway.

Then we walked across one of the Jubilee bridges to the South Bank, where some genius has decided to stunt the mature trees by wrapping them in red fabric with white spots on, secured with very tight ties, just at the height of the growing season, and just when the mindless tourist can amuse itself by signing the white spots.

After a delicious meal at the National Film Theatre it was into the cinema to see The Newton Boys. (I'd been hoping Ann could join us, but a swift phone call later I found she was just home from a meeting, boohoo.)

I've never yet capped this film, so many thanks, Eliza, for the pictures. Seeing Dock's manhood waving at us from the big screen was a memorable experience.
The audience was very appreciative. At the NFT it's customary to applaud when the film has finished. After the film, I heard a man behind us say, "I can't believe they never released this." I couldn't resist turning to him and saying, "Vincent D'Onofrio's in it, they never release his films."

On the way home, I saw a young man perched on a bicycle rack texting. It was one of the more isolated places in my walk home. When I saw his dog in the shadows, I couldn't help myself. I didn't take a detour. I didn't run. I said, "That's not walking the dog, that's sitting with the dog." He laughed.
One day I'll say something genuinely funny and people will split their sides.


SnarkAngel said...

Glad you had a memorable day, my dear! I spent the day doing laundry and fighting with my obnoxious building manager! Where is Doc when I neeeeeeeeeeed him!?

Eliza said...

Yep, still jealous :-)

Glad you had a fun day, sounds so much more interesting than mine..moving a washing machine for my mum wasn't exactly exciting LOL

ann said...

I so wished I could've been there; my day was work work work. That's the one thing I miss about no longer working in a school - the holidays!

I'm really not into the Impressionists anymore, although I thoroughly enjoyed Giverny over ten years ago - Dali is more my cuppa tea, altho' a friend told me she considered him perverted - some of his stuff is ghastly. There was a vast difference between what was exhibited in Florida and London - the yanks are so much purer than us LOL

SnarkAngel said...

Only SOME yanks, Ann! Only some! LOL

fuzzytweetie said...

One yank in particular!

Hell, I'd suffer through a day of museum art in order to see VDO.

I can't image him on the big screen. Let me guess what you concentrated on every time he was upright....How big????? 6 feet?LOL

fuzzytweetie said...

ps. Why was it shown at the National Film Theater?

val said...

'Cos it's a film?

fuzzytweetie said...

touche' smart ass...LOL

I meant, was there a program, an homage?

val said...

If there had been, it wouldn't have been about Vincent, maybe the director or McConnaghy - they sometimes do that. Or they sometimes just choose items of interest.

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