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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Zoo Update

I had a newsletter from the John Aspinall Foundation, the organisation that runs two zoos in Kent - Howletts and Port Lympne. (Don't get your lips in a tangle, it's pronounced "Lim".) John Aspinall ran casinos, and was a friend of the nanny-murdering disappearing peer Lord Lucan. He used the money those with more of the stuff than sense lost to him, and invested it in saving species. Aspinall died a few years ago of skin cancer. I donate a sum monthly to help the cause.

Anyway, the newsletter said that in April two Siberian Tiger cubs were born at Port Lympne.

Guess where I'm going on Monday!

Meanwhile, I forgot to include one little creature in my slideshow the other day. Please be upstanding for this sweet animal the size of a cat - the fennec fox.

I didn't manage to get a picture of the Mouse Deer, but what a fragile-legged little thing that was. I strongly encourage googling it so you can go "Aaaah!"

Bobby The Hero

Wide-eyed and wonderful.

This love letter from Val is hot!

I have to go and do wonderful things to her.

You need hands.

Gotta have tongue.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Love that smile.

The kind caring eyes.

You can see him thinking.

Pinning down the Phantom.

Brave Bobby.

More wall-slamming. Yes, please!

A back to bury your face in.

Why didn't he get a commendation for his actions in this?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Playing With Judges

Bobby looks particularly scrumptious in this episode (OK I say that for almost every episode) and I think it's because he's legitimately challenging people in authority.


Don't suck your thumb, let me do it for you.

So handsome (and look at the little hair flicks!)

I've finished with your thumb, let's have a go at your finger.


Ooh, yes, take me by the scruff and slam me down on a car.
Then do as you will with me.

I want to tweak that knee.

Enjoying robust sex. IN A BOOK!
And here are we all waiting in line so he can enjoy it for real!

Getting his own back on Bruce McVittie. "He peed himself."

I'm looking pleased with myself.
It's what Val's doing out of the frame...

Front and back and the thumb again :)

Shoulders and a curly nape.

No words.

One of the great Goren stances.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vincent Alert

UK Vixens - not only does next week see the long-awaited start of Season 6, there's also a couple of movies. Strange Days is on Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror on Sunday at 10.40pm, and The Newton Boys is on ITV4 on Monday at 10pm.

I know we've all seen them and have got them, but still...


So much to love in Homo Homini Lupis.

Bobby being reflective again.

Eye, eye.

Bobby is not amused (just pretending to be).

Pure perfection.

Possibly the finest picture ever taken from a LOCI episode.
It's all there, folks!

Are you dreaming that it's me you're hugging?

Just drag up my shirt, I won't resist.
(Look at that thumb!)

The picture of disgust.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colchester Zoo

A month or two ago Colchester Zoo was featured in a TV programme every weeknight for half an hour. It made me curious to go and see the place for myself.

Colchester is in the county of Essex, on the east coast of England. It took nearly 2 hours to drive there (though strangely less than one-and-a-half to get back) and involved going on the dreaded M25 London Orbital Motorway (or giant car park, as it is more commonly known). On the way there we had to go through the Dartford Tunnel (hate tunnels) and on the way back we came across the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. It's very long and VERY high, so I have to close my eyes driving across it...

Insider Out

Let's have a good tonguing.

OK, no tongue, but how handsome.

How much did you say Val's boobs weighed?

OK, I only asked, don't shove them in my face!

Bobby at night. Mmmmm.

"We got him."

Too long without some tongue.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dark Frame

Just when I'd got my capping rate down to a reasonable 3-400 per episode, along comes Frame, and I'm over 500 again, even with having removed a few mistakes along the way (something I don't usually get round to).

So I've "limited" (VDO fan's meaning of the term) myself to close-ups of the D'Evine one, with one or two "special" shots thrown in.

One of Bobby's few slight smiles in the whole show, and it was an attempt to show
Ross his "psychopathic" side.

Bobby Double Bonus!

He breaks my heart.
Of course, he could have broken all my bones if I'd been as lucky as this little lady.

On a lighter note, anyone else notice the bonus view in the interrogation room mirror?

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