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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Zoo Update

I had a newsletter from the John Aspinall Foundation, the organisation that runs two zoos in Kent - Howletts and Port Lympne. (Don't get your lips in a tangle, it's pronounced "Lim".) John Aspinall ran casinos, and was a friend of the nanny-murdering disappearing peer Lord Lucan. He used the money those with more of the stuff than sense lost to him, and invested it in saving species. Aspinall died a few years ago of skin cancer. I donate a sum monthly to help the cause.

Anyway, the newsletter said that in April two Siberian Tiger cubs were born at Port Lympne.

Guess where I'm going on Monday!

Meanwhile, I forgot to include one little creature in my slideshow the other day. Please be upstanding for this sweet animal the size of a cat - the fennec fox.

I didn't manage to get a picture of the Mouse Deer, but what a fragile-legged little thing that was. I strongly encourage googling it so you can go "Aaaah!"


Music Wench said...'s adorable! Great news! Hope you can get pictures of your visit there. :-)

SnarkAngel said...

Looking forward to more zoo pics from you, Val!

JoJo said...

AW! What a cutie! I LOVE ANIMALS!

jazzy said...

please post the photos of the tiger kittens.
have a great monday!

Tess said...

Look at those ears! What a sweetie :)

Have fun tomorrow!

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