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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dark Frame

Just when I'd got my capping rate down to a reasonable 3-400 per episode, along comes Frame, and I'm over 500 again, even with having removed a few mistakes along the way (something I don't usually get round to).

So I've "limited" (VDO fan's meaning of the term) myself to close-ups of the D'Evine one, with one or two "special" shots thrown in.

One of Bobby's few slight smiles in the whole show, and it was an attempt to show
Ross his "psychopathic" side.

Bobby Double Bonus!

He breaks my heart.
Of course, he could have broken all my bones if I'd been as lucky as this little lady.

On a lighter note, anyone else notice the bonus view in the interrogation room mirror?


jazzy said...
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jazzy said...

the beginning scene was HOT!
i wanted to scream: "okay guys, now leave bobby and the girl alone so they can make it!!"
i swear i would have paid admission to see THAT show!
(and i would pay much more to be part of it)

judith said...

he is the D'Evine one is'nt he?!!!!! i keep trying to catch the pic. of him in the mirror but can't. help!!!!

Eliza said...

I KNEW you would catch the scene with the girl!!! Can't say I blame you was a very nice way to start an episode :-)

Caps look good Val...still say you don't need me LOL

Diane said...

*Bawls like a baby* I really cannot BEAR it when he's sad :0(

Beautiful caps tho'. I vote the clearly-barking-mad-Declan has his hands sawn off and preserved for prosterity as 'These touched Bobby's face - more than once'

SnarkAngel said...

Wonderful selection of caps, my dear! How EVER do you hone them down!?!?!? Of course, I'm sure it's a job you have no problem enduring ... no matter how long it takes! LOL. When I saw just a snippet of that woman crawling across the table in the "accidental" recap posted on the USA web site, I thought it was Jo Gage running across the table to attack, possibily, her father. Oh well, the scene worked well anyway ... just for the "Bobby getting physical" factor!

BASRIC said...

Very nice caps. Haven't recovered enough yet to start capping & scripting just seeing yours makes me hurt for Bobby, again. I missed the mirror scene...but will watch for it ... IF Amazon did not choose to delete that part of he scene.

Goddessdster said...

I missed the mirror scene as well, but I always know I can count on you, Val, to bring it to my attention!

Nice selection of caps. I love the almost smile during the stand-off with Ross.

VivB said...

Great caps. I caught the mirror scene - two Bobbys - now that's a happy thought indeed :))
I shouted at the tv when Gage held his face - how very dare he !!!!

Music Wench said...

Lovely caps! Missed the mirror scene, too. Thanks for pointing it out! I was just so enthralled with Goren's expressions in that final scene with Gage.

Drowsey Monkey said...

The 4th photo down is cute. I'm looking forward to this episode, altho who knows when it will actually air here ... they don't seem to have a specific night here anymore. Grrr....

But to be honest, I'm pretty done with the whole tortured Bobby thing, time to move on.

JoJo said...

Drowsey - I dunno....his tortured Bobby thing is reaaalllly endearing in this episode, that's for sure. But it would be good to see the "old Goren" back on top of his game again.

Claire said...

Can VDO please get an Emmy nod now!
Nice caps!

mauigirl said...

Wonderful work, Val. Thank you for the lovely caps. But the mirror shot isn't nearly as good as the blue jeans shot, just after he comes out of the alley. I've freeze-framed that and all I can say is - Ohmygod!!!

Axe said...

Hhhmm...I'd love to wrestle that Grizzly, baby! :-)
OMG, can he get any more gorgeous?

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