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Friday, August 29, 2008

Playing With Judges

Bobby looks particularly scrumptious in this episode (OK I say that for almost every episode) and I think it's because he's legitimately challenging people in authority.


Don't suck your thumb, let me do it for you.

So handsome (and look at the little hair flicks!)

I've finished with your thumb, let's have a go at your finger.


Ooh, yes, take me by the scruff and slam me down on a car.
Then do as you will with me.

I want to tweak that knee.

Enjoying robust sex. IN A BOOK!
And here are we all waiting in line so he can enjoy it for real!

Getting his own back on Bruce McVittie. "He peed himself."

I'm looking pleased with myself.
It's what Val's doing out of the frame...

Front and back and the thumb again :)

Shoulders and a curly nape.

No words.

One of the great Goren stances.


jazzy said...

not that i complain, but all i got was:
"Bobby" and "robust sex"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he realises how 'tempting' his thumb is ;0)

SnarkAngel said...

I could become a "thumbsucker" for that thumb! Yummmmm! LOL

Eliza said...

Jazzy:In your dreams!!!!

I have long been aware of the attraction of that thumb...and as a former thumbsucker I'm sure I could remember enough to be good LOL

Tess said...

My mind is stuck on 'Robust Sex' too ;)

silly for Vincnet said...

*huming the song "Touch my body" by Mariah Carey..*Great day-Bobby with chort hair,but the cute curls are still there,his looong fingers...mmm...rrr...cute Bobby's face expresions,plus me..alone in the interagacion room...mmmmmmm...

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