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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mad Hops

Multiple porn items in this slideshow. (Sighs longingly).

Great New Bobby Video

I'm on Jazzylin's YouTube list, and just watched her latest offering. She's managed to put together so many favourite "bits" of Bobby close to people (mostly but not exclusively women), smiling and making eyes. I just want to jump on him.

Where was I?

Sorry I didn't manage to post yesterday. Things got a bit hectic.

Because I had to take my little parrot Rio on a 50-mile round trip today for her hormone injection (prior to getting her spayed next month) I needed to do a chunk of my Saturday shopping late Friday afternoon. Usually I have a quick blog while I'm waiting for my friend to arrive for our Friday evening food-and-Vincent fest.

As it happens, I saw her in the High Street - she'd arrived in my area early - and we did our shopping and met up to come home. No blogging, but we did watch Cold Comfort and Cherry Red on DVD before switching to Hallmark for The Good Child.

I took Rio to the vet's today and booked her in for her operation. Luckily, though specialist bird vets are thin on the ground, one of the best in the country owns the nearest practice to my house. Before this practice opened I used to go to a specialist practice a bit further away, run by a mad Irishman. A friend of mine started out his veterinary life working for this man. He and his wife lived in the flat above the practice. Once, at 2 o'clock in the morning, they heard a noise outside the window. When they looked out, they found Dermot up a ladder painting the outside of the building. He said he could only do it in the dark as he was afraid of heights!

Irish logic is a wonderful thing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ex Stasis

Oh dear, another episode missing from my catalogue. Now what shall I post in its place?

Oh look - another early effort and one of my favourites. I only had VOG on video then, so the caps were Eliza's.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beatlelady wondered...

...about Bobby's hands in Legion, so let's have a peek.

No doubt this is Vincent's lovely hand.

Not so sure about this. The thumb looks a bit stubby. Or maybe it's jsut the camera angle?

I mean, compare it to this vision. No doubts here. And it's streamlined by comparison.

As for this - well, it looks a bit too lined to be Vincent's baby-smooth appendage.

What does everyone else think? Diane is the V-hand expert. Do we have two stunt hands, Di?
And Beatlelady, here's the first slideshow I ever made, which should appeal to both your obsessions.

Why don't we get things on our DVDs?

My new copy of Full Metal Jacket arrived. I ordered it thinking it was a region 2 version of the recent reissue in the States, which has that lovely interview with Vincent on it.

It has a commentary including Vincent. But no interview.


I already have the movie. The interview is all I got it for, and it's not on there. I feel cheated.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Sex Club Tonight

Well, it's on, but it's another one I haven't capped yet.

However, since Hallmark seems to have had an aversion to Legion this time round, I thought I'd play around with that.

Vincent D'Onofrio Forum

This is the log-in page for the VDO forum. They are probably not taking new members becasue they fear I'll try to get back on. (Well, I don't want to stay, just to tell them who they should really be removing and why.)

Thank you all for your witty and extremely nasty comments (you didn't say ANYTHING they didn't deserve!) and I hope you can all register soon and bombard them with the thoughts of right-thinking VDO fans.

Monday, March 10, 2008

VDO Forum

The trolls at this forum have been slagging off our Vincent. They insult his weight, his appearance, call him mentally ill AND THINK THAT THIS IS FINE!

I have been challenging this. But apparently, while it is perfectly acceptable for them to insult Mr D'Onofrio, giving some back to them is not allowed in this forum which celebrates "freedom of speech and free expression." My alter ego (Mary) has been banned!

Fucking hypocrites. They can dish it out, but they can't take it.

Hope the troll bitches die painfully of something 1000 times worse than they've been wishing on Vincent.

I shall make one final and VERY insulting post when I manage tosign back up with a newly manufactured identity...


As those weirdos at Hallmark won't let us see this episode, let's remind ourselves what we'll be missing.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stress Position

This won't be on till tomorrow night. Then on Tuesday there will be Sex Club.

Collective, however, is obviously considered to be too ripe for the delicate sensibilities of the Hallmark audience.

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