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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Vincent as Himself

Having watched FMJ twice last week with students, it will be some time before I can face seeing it again, let alone capping it. But the interviews on thedvd is another matter.

First, a quick flash I noticed in that which I had not seen when watching the movie:

Now the man himself AS himself.

Hot or what?

Feast or Famine

Two Bobby episodes tonight, none tomorrow. Hallmark had the audacity to send me their promotion email for Damages, which is supplanting our angel. I emailed back my views, which they will of course, not just ignore, but not even acknowledge.

Menwhile Photobucket has decided to go on strike, so here is a rerun of an old video.

It sort of follows on from the theme of recent posts.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Murder Most Foul

There has been a dreadful double murder just a few miles from me. Two French students have been bound, gagged, beaten, stabbed multiple times, then their bodies set alight in the home of one of the young men. There seems to be no motive.

A little over two years ago I was on the jury in a case where a Chinese student was terrorised by two Chinese intruders, bound with plastic ties, threatened with a knife and put in fear for her life. With great presence of mind, while her hands were still free, she managed to text a housemate whose presence the intruders had not detected, telling her to call the police.

One intruder was arrested at the scene, but the more dangerous of the two escaped. The detective in charge of the case was humiliated by the judge for failing to follow up evidence that could have led to the apprehension of the other assailant, and even lied to the judge (telling him that a prepaid cell phone could not be traced, and that he did not have to follow up on the DNA from a cigarette, because the lab would have contacted him if they had retrieved some, so there can't have been any).

We convicted the man we had before us. But this new crime is extremely close in MO to the other one, and I just had a horrible feeling about it. I called the Incident Room this evening and gave them the story.

Only after I had spoken to them did I hear on the news that the men's credit cards are missing. In the previous case the convicted man was sent out with the young woman's ATM card, with the number he had scared out of her, to get money, and he dropped a bunch of cards when trying to escape from the police.

I have an even worse feeling now that if that detective had done his job, these two young men would still be alive.

Very Handy

Bobby does more than dance in Unrequited - he shows off those beautiful hands to great effect, too.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


You can keep your explicit stuff in porno mags - our Bobby has body parts that are a turn-on in the most under-stated way.

I noticed while watching this episode today that Bobby's nail on his right index finger starts off VERY long...

...but has had a trim by the end of the episode.

I would like to volunteer to be his manicurist.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Love You Forever, Forget You Never

I was suddenly moved to set pictures from Seasons 1-7 (in order, except for the last one) to this lovely song from the last album George Harrison made before he died.

My, Bobby, how you've changed over the years. But always gorgeous, handsome and sexy.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Any Excuse

My Year 10 students have returned from Work Experience. As they have completed their programme of study I am looking for topics for them to discuss. War is an obvious one, and bullying is always a popular choice.

I noticed that the new edition of FMJ was a "15", whereas the old one was an "18". Well, these folks are 15, so I decided to show it to them. Though only up to the end of Private Pyle, of course.

They are loving it. I, of course am - well, he dies, so loving it is not quite the right word - but enjoying the chance to watch his talents twice over (once for each class).

Yes, there is a lot of swearing, not to mention the violence, but the Head was quite happy for them to see another 15 full of violence and swearing on an important topic (capital punishment) so I guess he won't mind.

Well, I HOPE he won't mind.

I've never capped the film, so I must thank Eliza for the pictures.

What are they all up to?

Hallmark is continuing to show episodes from Season 3 on week nights.

Tonight it's the Goren Grey Suit and Groin Show, aka FPS.

On Saturday they continue with their weekend showing of Season 5 with - hang on, Slither? But they showed that last week.

However, on Sunday, Season 5 disappears from Hallmark, to be replaced by Damages. It continues with Season 3 on week nights.

But Channel 5, who stopped showing Season 3 part way through to show SVU, is now going to show Season 4 on Saturdays.

Meanwhile, apprently USA is not showing another ne G/E episode till 20th July!!!!!

Pass the tissues.

Monday, June 30, 2008


A former colleague who could be a bit slow off the mark was once told that the male chicken was tastier than the female, so she went to her local butcher's shop and asked the butcher, "Have you got a nice big cock"!

Well I now have one I can look at and admire every day.

No, not that one. I wish!

Here's one I bought at the local "country fair" yesterday. Ain't he great?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Vincent D'Onofrio

In just a few hours, we UK Vixens can celebrate Vincent's birthday ahead of the US and Vincent himself.
Thank you, dearest Vincent for enriching our lives with your talent and penetrating (sadly only) our souls with your gorgeousness.
May you have a restful day with your family.

Slippery Slimey Slitherer

Not Bobby, of course, his opponent - of whom I have NO pictures!

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