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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Any Excuse

My Year 10 students have returned from Work Experience. As they have completed their programme of study I am looking for topics for them to discuss. War is an obvious one, and bullying is always a popular choice.

I noticed that the new edition of FMJ was a "15", whereas the old one was an "18". Well, these folks are 15, so I decided to show it to them. Though only up to the end of Private Pyle, of course.

They are loving it. I, of course am - well, he dies, so loving it is not quite the right word - but enjoying the chance to watch his talents twice over (once for each class).

Yes, there is a lot of swearing, not to mention the violence, but the Head was quite happy for them to see another 15 full of violence and swearing on an important topic (capital punishment) so I guess he won't mind.

Well, I HOPE he won't mind.

I've never capped the film, so I must thank Eliza for the pictures.


JoJo said...

That's a rough flick to watch. And I always thought it seemed like 2 movies. They could have fleshed out the first part and ended it w/ Pyle's suicide; that whole next part when they are in 'Nam just doesn't fit.

SnarkAngel said...

I agree with Jojo. It really does seem like two films in one. But then, that shouldn't bother me, since I sat through a double feature once of Apocalypse Now and The Deer Hunter. LOL

ann said...

wow you're brave... not sure how comfortable I would be to sit through FMJ with a group of youngsters; I struggle to watch it alone

Anonymous said...

I STILL can't watch it - even getting through the documentary, with the added bonnus of having Vincent sitting there talking about it, is an achievement for me!

Eliza said...

I can see why you would use this one to make them think about bullying...the change in Pyle is profound.Not one of my favourite films,but I do find it almost compelling if I catch it on tv...but only the first bit.

tamara said...

i hope they learned something from the film?

it is really hard to watch and i agree with the others that is not really like one piece, more like a completely new movie after pyle is dead. but i also have to admit i never really watched the rest anyway, i just pressed fast forward. ;)

jazzy said...

purely Kubrick - realistic about life

Goddessdster said...

Oh, here in the States, they won't mind about the swearing and violence, it's the sex they'll growl over. All in all a good choice, Val.

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