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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jaguar Love and Lazy Cubs

A couple of weeks ago I took my friend to Wingham Wildlife Park, the place where I saw the black jaguar with her black cub.

They've separated off the cub now that it's pretty well ful grown, and the parents are back together. WHich is how we got to see them mating. Repeatedly (I did not take pictues, too awestruck). But afterwards...Ahhh. True love!

Speaking of separating mums and cubs, in September the London Zoo tiger cubs are likely to be going to their new homes to make failies of their own. Meanwhile, they have been doing their usual ct thing - as far away from visitors' photo opportunities as possible, and fast asleep. The only way I could get a picture at all was by accepting the help of a kind (tall) young Canadian woman.

The Break Up

Crap film, as usual Vincent was the only good thing in it. I seem to recall we were all sure the ear thing must have been his idea.

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