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Friday, September 10, 2010


I may have mentioned before how much I love Vincent's neck.

His neck! Raise those eyes, Vixens!
He does not have a protruding Adam's apple. I'm not a fan of those.
His neck is thick, strong and muscular, without being bull-like.

I said his neck! Forget the shoulders and the chest hair. Honestly, it's impossible to make a serious point round here.
I challenge you to find a more attractive, sexy, kissable, lickable neck. Go on.

You can't, can you?

Jaw Hits Ground in Amazement

My faithful readership may remember the saga of my new fridge-freezer, in which I was delivered something not only not what I ordered, but not actually a fridge-freezer. I ended up being sold the correct item in the shop at the much cheaper online price.

As they took my old appliance away, the extremely sullen and surly delivery men bashed my central heating thermostat, cracking the casing. I was fooled into believing it was still working because when I turned the dial it clicked. But when I tried to run the boiler for my poor dear old Shelley a couple of weeks ago, I found that it was in fact defunct.

What to do next? I have extensive insurance cover for all sorts of eventualities, and it transpired that the thermostat was covered for accidental damage - but only if I damaged it myself. Third party damage was not covered. In any case, to make the premium cheaper, I have a £50 excess to pay for each call-out.

Before I checked this fact, I'd already bought a new thermostat from a DIY superstore for £13.59, so I decided to fit it myself. I was careful to take note of where the wires had been, all to no avail, 'cos the layout inside the new one was totally different! (Well, the old one was installed around 30 years ago.) I tried a couple of connections, which failed to work, then I studied the instruction leaflet more closely. (As an aside, I really find wordless instruction leaflets almost impossible to understand. They assume a knowledge I do not possess, and a clarity their pictures do not have.) On closer examination, there appeared to be a wiring diagram, for 4 wires as against my 2. However, I understood the letters L for the live wire and N for neutral.

Which these days are blue and brown. Back then they were red and black. AND I REMEMBERED WHICH WAS WHICH!

I hooked up the wires, flicked the switch, turned up the thermostat and BINGO! Fixed!

Nevertheless Comet, the electrical suppliers, were to blame, so I emailed them a bill last night - £13.59 for the thermostat, £2 for the phone call regarding my insurance cover, and £15 for half an hour of my time, £30.59 in total.

You are not going to believe this. They have agreed to pay. Just like that. No arguments. No burst blood vessels of frustration on my part.

Maybe I will shop there again. Perhaps not till the next century, but that's an improvement on how I felt before.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I might burn in hell

At least I can do it in the company of Father Casey.

It's a week till the Pope visits the UK. There's a huge lack of interest among the population in general, and me in particular.

I imagine the child abuse scandals haven't helped. Nor has the attitude towards women. My own personal dislike is the fiasco of dictating to some of the poorest, most desperate women in the world that they must not use birth control. Even if those women could take the number of pregnancies and large families, the planet cannot.

My message to the Catholic Church is to join the 20th Century, then make its way surely into the 21st.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New Season 5 Pictures - Grow

Here's the weirdest thing - I just discovered that this album has loaded in a completely random order. It is original to my captures on the computer, and I have NO idea how it came about! I think that some are doubled up, too, which must mean some are missing.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The End of the End

Goodbye Bobby.
And soon - more episodes on After Major Case. Lynn is polishing one, and Ann has part-written one. I can hardly wait!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Beginning of the End

Otherwise known as Disloyalty Part 1.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

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