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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Sideways Look

Given that the man even looks gorgeous from behind, it's inevitable that he should be delectable in profile.That high brow, those expressive eyes, that cute nose, those succulent lips, that strong jaw, that powerful neck, that masculine stubble... ANd he's on in just 45 minutes!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Vote for Vincent!

I thought I'd combine the rest of my Shoulders post with the opportunity, thanks to JoJo, for us all to help the lovely man win the NBC survey on the hottest male actor.

Just mosey along to and see how many times you can vote for our boy. (He's winning, by the way, let's keep it that way!)

My Shoulders Fantasy

Of course, the best part is in the pictures Blogger wouldn't post. I'll try them again later.

Basically I dream - sleeping or waking - that I'm behind that big body, hugging him round the waist, with my face squashed against that big back. Then I run my hands up his back to his shoulders and stroke and massage them till he turns round, throws me on to the bed and...the rest is x-rated!

Long Tall Bobby

Thursday, September 28, 2006

For Stace and the new ladies at

Naked Tango

Salt On Our Skin

With thanks to Frogger, Eliza, DNY, and anyone else I've copied these from.


On the right is my cousin Larry's grandchildren's other grandmother, and avid collector of the family history, pictured at the reunion last month. She is in her 70s, but was extremely spry, taking part in the very lively and active get-to-know-you games the youngsters had arranged. She lives in Prince Albert in Canada.

On her way from collecting her photos of the reunion she was attacked by a cowardly thug who wanted to steal her handbag. Determined not to lose the prized pictures, Dorothy hung on, and ended up with a broken hip, which has had to be pinned.

I can but hope that she makes a full and speedy recovery, and that the f**king b**t**d who did this catches his goolies in a shredder.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Look what I found!

As I was closing down all my windows, I found that the Picasa post I tried actually "took". These are 4 of the 10 pictures I tried to post for Ann. Hope it was worth the wait.

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Dear Ann

I read your wonderful post and wrote a comment. Blogger got lost on Orange (again), so I tried to comment again. All I got was Blogger lost in Orange again. I thought I'd do you a post of Bobby, but the photos wouldn't load. Now I can barely make it type - it's about 20 seconds behind me.

Sorry folks in general - it looks like we'll have to forego our Bobby fix for tonight!

The View

The weather was still fine enough today to give a good idea of what this stretch of London is like., instead of relying on Googled pictures. The open plan office has windows on three sides, two of them overlooking the river (well the building is called Riverside House - though strictly it isn't quite).

Looking east.

Sort of north east.

Towards the west.

The two Woolwich Ferries.

Northish again.

Thing is, we're on the south bank, so everything is northish. I've totally failed to capture the two wind carbines visible on the northern side, and I didn't manage to photograph a plane taking off from the City Airport just across the river.

It's all a bit of a contrast with the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, where nothing is built close to the banks, it's all tree-lined and parks.

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