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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Back to the Stripey Beauties

I haven't been back to the zoo since my operation, and I was missing the cubs, knowing they would be growing so big and I was not there to see it. So I went on Friday, my first big outing since surgery, and tiring oit was too. But worth it. I'm posting as many of the pictures as possible with few captions, just so I cn download them on to my iPad and share them with my friends in their best format.

 photo DSC01139_zpsjhnq2zek.jpg
Daughter showing off to dad
 photo DSC01141_zpsnxh9jakl.jpg

 photo DSC01142_zpsc596ayhv.jpg
Boy in smelly corner
 photo DSC01143_zpsjp4bp5js.jpg

 photo DSC01144_zpsxknzrzbq.jpg
Dad joins in the fun
 photo DSC01145_zps7go5ntvs.jpg

 photo DSC01146_zpswu9ydeh7.jpg
Girl joins boy in smelly corner
 photo DSC01148_zpsz2fnzded.jpg

 photo DSC01150_zpsfyd4y56u.jpg
Best cub picture yet
 photo DSC01151_zpsc3oypfgv.jpg

 photo DSC01152_zps0ccy8nc8.jpg

 photo DSC01153_zpshupwhthn.jpg

 photo DSC01154_zpsnm6zorwe.jpg

 photo DSC01156_zpsyanglfvc.jpg
Girl stalks boy
 photo DSC01158_zpsqp0jz43u.jpg

 photo DSC01159_zpsubnfvsm3.jpg

 photo DSC01160_zps74ea4ycl.jpg

 photo DSC01162_zpskmwjb4io.jpg

 photo DSC01163_zps4ymaxqff.jpg
Mum emerges and goes to the smelly corner
 photo DSC01165_zpshse38xxp.jpg

 photo DSC01167_zpsdlvxvhhe.jpg

 photo DSC01168_zpszxcnunjl.jpg

 photo DSC01169_zpsmif2o3fp.jpg

 photo DSC01170_zps8sgcmplg.jpg

 photo DSC01171_zpsvxmmnjoa.jpg

The Taking of Pelham 123

Oh dear, dead again.

 photo Pelham29.jpg

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