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Saturday, May 03, 2008

What a Privilege

Phew! I spent a very steamy day at Olympia, an exhibition complex in Kensington in west London, at "Who Do You Think You Are? - Live". It used to be The London Family History Show, at a smaller, more convenient and more pleasant venue, but then there was the TV show, "Who Do You Think You Are?", about celebrities investigating their roots, and the production company hijacked the event. It also featured an archaeology show and military history show this year. Anyway, the buillding is like a glass-domed railway shed, and the heat was stifling. I managed to find some interesting bits and pieces including (don't laugh) some plastic postcard pouches for some of the latest VDO pictures...

Speaking of whom:

Friday, May 02, 2008

Double Bed

Every day, poor old Shelley, my beautiful Birman boy, spends his time chilling in my bedroom, so that he is not tempted to take his frail old body outside in the cold or wet. It has become customary for Jaspa to stay in with him (in fact she now demands it).

This picture, however, was taken this evening, with me at home and the bedroom door wedged open. They have spent months studiously ignoring this bed-on-a-bed, now suddenly they just HAVE to fit in it both together.

By the way, Shelley doesn't have devil eyes when the flash isn't - well - flashing, but lovely blue ones.

Today's Tasty Fare

According to my dashboard, the number of posts didn't go up with my 1400th post, and this is also number 1400.

The Insider is on tonight:

And at lunchtime there was Mad Hops. I think this slideshow contains every fine thing our lovely man has to offer (when he's clothed, anyway...)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Post 1400 - The Dog's Bollocks

I don't know if my US friends use this particular B-word, so just in case, I'd better explain it, and the phrase I've used in this title.

"Bollocks" is a slightly profane term for the testicles. It is a very expressive swear word, used to show frustration or disdain. If you go out without something you need, when you discover it you might say "bollocks"; if someone tells you something you know is mistaken, you may reply "That's bollocks". It is a very satisfying word.

But if you say something is The Dog's Bollocks, you are saying it's great, it's the best. So I'm sure you won't disagree with my using it in the context of Vincent and his own - er - bollocks (and attached delicacies).

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First the good

Bobby at his most gorgeous and groinal in Sound Bodies.

Read the post below to the bad.

You're not going to believe this

There is a fault with my brand new computer. It won't play downloaded videos. It doesn't seem to have Windows Media Centre, and though I'm sure it started like with Wondows Movie Maker, it doesn't have it now. I have to save the few bits I have on it and whack in the recovery disc, but that also means I'll have to download PowerDVD, Magic DVD Ripper, Picture-Shark and AnyDVD, most of which want to charge me again as it is!

Pissed off? Moi? No!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Does ANYONE do Customer Service any more?

Today I took my broken computer to school so that HP could pick it up between 9 and 12 and take it for repair.

You've guessed it - nada!

Luckily for me (but unluckily for the school's phone bill) I had some non-teaching time this afternoon. I had a stack of work to do, but this was too important to put off.

On the HP website I found what looked like the correct phone number. Ha ha. On the fourth number I got through to the right people. I didn't have my reference number or the direct line number, so that made matters even slower. By call number 2 I had lifted the serial number from the back of the bubble-wrap-bound machine.

Call number 3 was to the repair centre. They had no record. Call number 4 kept me on hold while they contacted the repair centre themselves just in case I couldn't be trusted to understand "We have never heard of you".

And this guy had the TEMERITY to tell me to keep calm! Is there anything more likely to make you lose your cool? Patronising crap.

Finally, the excuse. "You phoned on Saturday? The system went down on Saturday, and for some reason your booking did not go through." Confidence-builder, huh? A computer company that cannot put a repair booking through because...their computers went down!

Eventually I was given another appointment for tomorrow. I will not be holding my breath.

My long and fraught conversation was overheard by a colleague who was going to buy a computer tonight, and had pretty well decided on an HP with extended warranty.

Strangely enough, she's changed her mind.


I thought you might like the chance to see that lovely butt shot without the intrusive watermark...

Give us a hand, Bobby

The deliciously handsome and delectable Bobby Groin and his hands find A murderer Among Us. It was me, Bobby, swing your big pipe at me, please.

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