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Friday, October 07, 2011

Do we want Big Bobby to Grow?

In certain ways, yes...

In others, it's just not necessary - he's already big enough!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Did That!

Universal Channel has done the same as NBC and is showing the L&O:LA out of order, with Skeet Ulrich's character dying, then mysteriously coming back to life. I left a Twitter message asking if they always repeated the mistakes of the US channels, and they replied saying they will be repeating them in the correct order. Now, in front of the latest episode, they just announced they were "giving us the chance to see them in the order they were shown in the US". Wow! I think I made that happen!


Today Randi and I met up for a day out in London. I arrived at her apartment just after 11am, and after a few minutes for bathroom breaks we went out to take the lift (elevator) down to the outer door of the building.

I had just come up in this lift, but it just wouldn't go back down. The buttons didn't respond. We were reluctant to take the emergency stairs as they set off the alarm, but in the end we pressed the lift alarm button and told them what was wrong.

We waited for five minutes, and when no one had arrived, we took the stairs anyway. But there was no way out at the bottom, just another set of steps down to the bomb shelter basement (!!!) and a door into the other, non-residential part of the building. These offices are empty because apparently the building is soon to be demolished.

The outer doors were locked, so we wandered through the offices looking for an exit, but the only way out was through push-bar fire doors into an inner parking courtyard. We had to be very careful not to get stuck out there if those doors slammed shut. And there was no way out from this courtyard either.

It was getting a bit scary. The best we could do was imagine how Bobby would solve the problem. My favourite fantasy was that he would have kicked the locked doors down... There was a red emergency phone, but though it appeared to ring, no one answered. Then, as we got back to the locked outer doors, two security men came along with keys and released us from our imprisonment. We explained exactly what had happened, then left them to try and sort out the problem.

We did laugh, but seriously, if there had been a fire, we would have been trapped, so in truth it was most unfunny.

After our trauma, we walked through the busy streets alongside the gardens of Buckingham Palace until we arrived at Hyde Park Corner. We visited the Wellington Museum in Apsley House, the London home of the first Duke, and the nearby monument to him, the Welllington Arch.

I took Randi's picture on the walkway at the top of the arch. In the background, to the left is the London Eye, and to the right the towers of Westminster Abbey have just disappeared behind Randi's windblown hair. The greenery to the left is St James's Park, to the right Buckingham Palace Gardens.

By now we were getting hungry. Randi really wanted to try a cream tea, and we had been told that the hotel on the corner did them. Lady Gaga has been staying there, and from the number of autograph hunters outside, she probably still is. We blagged our way in, but it was too early for their cream teas, so we continued on down Knightsbridge towards Harrods, and there we indulged ourselves in delicious fruit scones, apricot and strawberry jam, English Breakfast Tea and - TaDa! - mouth-watering clotted cream.

Before making our way back to our starting point at Victoria, we visited the pet department, where some playful chihuahua puppies were delighting onlookers. Randi decided to pass on doggie treats to take home when she saw that a small packet of biccies cost £10!

And in the way of Vixens the world over, we didn't stop talking for a moment. It wasn't even all about Vincent, either!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

This cracked me up

Our former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has a very popular Twitter account, and today his "torytunes" thread, in response to the Conservatives' choice of music at their conference, produced today's top thread worldwide.

My favourite made me laugh out loud at work, and I was forced to repeat it to my (luckily broad-minded and oftentimes foul-mouthed) "boss" (Alex's mum).

@johnprescott #torytunes "We're a Bunch of Greedy Cunts (and you can all fuck off and die)" but I'm not sure who sang it, though.

Happy Birthday Mauigirl

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Great Castrating Skankky

These days the formerly tit-flashing nude-romping flash-it-all-on-screen actress, who was fortunate enough to bed our Vincent and reproduce with him, no longer bares her all on screen so much as uses her voice in radio broadcasts. In the last year or so she has narrated some programmes, and a couple of weeks ago she was one of the named (and often mispronounced!) stars of BBC Radio 4's week-long dramatisation of the late Vasily Grossman's novel Life and Fate, an almost-lost novel from the Soviet era. Kenneth Branagh and David Tennant co-starred.
Now, this week, she is reading the Book of the Week, The Castrato and his Wife, by Helen Berry. Much of the first episode on Monday involved her narrating the process of castrating young boys to preserve their voices. She didn't bat an audible eyelid.
Maybe castrating men is what she's all about. Perhaps that's why, after all this time, she still slags off our Vincent. Luckily he's too much of a man for her to have any effect.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

True-Hearted Fans

With the end of Season 4, Universal is beginning again from the beginning. I, however, shall continue on into Season 5.

I suppose they think that, as Bobby was voted their most popular L&O detective, there's no point in their showing the seasons where he shares the lead. OK, DUMMIES, SO JUST SHOW THE G/E EPISODES OF THE LATER SEASONS! Duh!

OK, Vixens, I'm all ears

I think I can see some of my "girls" heading my way

OK, ladies, just a kiss or a lick here on my neck

This adulation is a mystery to me

If I turn my back they might lose interest (are you joking, Bobby?)

Here's my card. Give me a call sometime. Anytime

I don't mean to look smug, but all these women are mine

And look how small they all are!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Trans-Atlantic Vixen Fest

This week the UK Vixens have reconvened to welcome US Vixen Mauigirl (centre) to London. She is staying with her husband, who is here for business, in a flat belinging to his company.

Ann, Diane and Eliza met up with her at lunchtime, and I joined them in the late afternoon, today being a working day.

Topics of conversation were many and varied (yet strangely all with a Vincent theme), with special reference to The Whole Wide World and Robert E. Howard. There was a general consensus that Vincent would be delighted if he knew that his portrayal of the troubled writer hard sparked such interest in the author and his works.

Of course, there was plenty more light-hearted talk, much of it involving things we would like to enjoy in the company of our favourite actor. We'll leave the details to your fertile imaginations.

Maui's husband came home just in time to take a photo to commemorate the occasion.

More jollies later in the week.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

What's in a name?

A rose by any other name would still be Vincent. And what a Good Name it is.

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