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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Hello Wingham Wildlife Park

My first effort to find a new place to coo over animals took place yesterday.

Wingham Wildlife Park is in the Kent countryside, about 65 miles from London. It's not far from Canterbury, the home of the world's most famous cathedral, and to get there you have to drive past Howlett's, home of one of my regular animal experiences.

I was prepared for some of the enclosures to be a bit smaller than I would like, and so it proved for some of the medium-sized cats, but given that some are rescued from awful situations, they are currently in a better place than they used to be.

I've only ever seen one very secretive jaguar before, hidden in bushes. This boy was inside in the morning as he shares the outside with his mate...and their cub. Reintroductions have to be carefully handled.

 photo DSC00501_zpsa8jvmtsf.jpg

Later he was outside, but he was still longing to get inside with his lady.Who would believe he was born white?

 photo DSC00519_zpsxyxt4nm7.jpg

The female is a melanistic cat, as is the cub. Baby's in the grass.

 photo DSC00502_zpsppe8o9dd.jpg

Mum's on a shelf.

 photo DSC00503_zpshugjsxqu.jpg

Baby wants to play.

 photo DSC00504_zps5skfzl81.jpg

Mum obliges.

 photo DSC00506_zpsfbbyztxj.jpg

The tigers are brothers, from a small private zoo in Belgium. Their mother rejected them, and Wingham's stepped in to raise them. They are hybrid, so cannot be bred from. To allow them to stay togethere they have been castrated. The marks indicate that this is the same boy twice.

 photo DSC00513_zpsyxboaiik.jpg  photo DSC00514_zpsia6mbsew.jpg

There were several thunderstorms yesterday, and during one, the ringtail lemurs took shelter under this empty cable roll. Too much effort to go inside...

 photo DSC00511_zpsbe9vb99l.jpg

The lions are also brothers, rescued from terrible conditions in a circus.

 photo DSC00521_zpstj1ynhmv.jpg  photo DSC00533_zps34bfrw6f.jpg

In the afternoon, there was an opportunity to spend time with the ringtails in a walkthrough of their enclosure. Usually they have several babies a year, but this year there is only one very energetic little chap.

 photo DSC00522_zpsimkdbe5a.jpg

 photo DSC00523_zpsyh661eac.jpg

The park has no problem with the ringtails hopping on to visitors, though we must not pet them (something I only found out AFTER this little episode).

 photo DSC00525_zpsolsv7v1g.jpg

 photo DSC00526_zpsa501qp6u.jpg

When the sun came out, the red-ruffed lemurs made the most of it.

 photo DSC00536_zpsss3ljias.jpg

The park is also part of the Scottish wild cat breeding progamme.

 photo DSC00528_zps9dpj33jj.jpg

Looking at that lovely black jaguar made me long to give my own little panther a cuddle!

 photo DSC00497_zps66t2r3ux.jpg

Loyalty Part 2

And it's bye bye Bobby. Till Season 10.

 photo LoyaltyPtB260.jpg

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Animals Home and Away

I am almost certainly moving on from London Zoo, looking for somewhere I can drive to in the same time it takes me to get there by public transport (takes about an hour and a half just to go less than half way across London, and though it's free for me, my body pays) and as soon as I have a non-working day when the sun actually shines, I shall be off to Kent where a large group of multi-sized cats - caracals, pumas, cheetahs, jaguars, lions, tigers, native wild cats - awaits me. My car appears to run on air, so it will still be almost a free ride.

Anyway, I went to say goodbye to the tigers, and was lucky enough to get some shots of big boy JaeJae following his keeper's lead to enable a dental exam followed by treats.

 photo DSC00473_zps0llg8vnb.jpg

 photo DSC00474_zpsniixth3i.jpg

 photo DSC00479_zpsfldurhib.jpg

Then there was the oh-so-appealing black and white ruffed lemur in the walk-through.

 photo DSC00486_zps3k5kjon4.jpg

I caught an unexpected tongue shot of a ring-tailed lemur.

 photo DSC00488_zpsywpdo7ma.jpg

There's also a new spider walk-through. Just you, the webs, and some ENORMOUS spiders.

 photo DSC00493_zps9zytckyv.jpg

Finally, back in my garden, the foxes enjoy a daily feed.

 photo DSC00464_zpswqplff65.jpg

Loyalty (Part 1)

In which the powers-that-be made their biggest mistake by replacing Bobby with a fly.

 photo LoyaltyPtA339.jpg

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