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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Animals Home and Away

I am almost certainly moving on from London Zoo, looking for somewhere I can drive to in the same time it takes me to get there by public transport (takes about an hour and a half just to go less than half way across London, and though it's free for me, my body pays) and as soon as I have a non-working day when the sun actually shines, I shall be off to Kent where a large group of multi-sized cats - caracals, pumas, cheetahs, jaguars, lions, tigers, native wild cats - awaits me. My car appears to run on air, so it will still be almost a free ride.

Anyway, I went to say goodbye to the tigers, and was lucky enough to get some shots of big boy JaeJae following his keeper's lead to enable a dental exam followed by treats.

 photo DSC00473_zps0llg8vnb.jpg

 photo DSC00474_zpsniixth3i.jpg

 photo DSC00479_zpsfldurhib.jpg

Then there was the oh-so-appealing black and white ruffed lemur in the walk-through.

 photo DSC00486_zps3k5kjon4.jpg

I caught an unexpected tongue shot of a ring-tailed lemur.

 photo DSC00488_zpsywpdo7ma.jpg

There's also a new spider walk-through. Just you, the webs, and some ENORMOUS spiders.

 photo DSC00493_zps9zytckyv.jpg

Finally, back in my garden, the foxes enjoy a daily feed.

 photo DSC00464_zpswqplff65.jpg


JoJo said...

Beautiful animals but I will pass on the spiders!

judith said...

It's good to have a change..... I'll pass on the Spiders too... LOL.

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