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Saturday, July 10, 2010

New chapter

Lynn has sent me a great new chapter for the story. She's chosen to continue the one I began. It's really inventive - do go along and enjoy.

Why do I adore Vincent D'Onofrio?

I don't like receding chins.

I don't like narrow, sloping shoulders.

I don't like weak jaws.

I don't like fair hair and blue eyes.

I don't like skinny, wimpy men.

But there are plenty of things I've discovered I do like since finding Mr D'O:

Nibblable ears

Beautiful hands

Neat butts

Full, kissable lips

And er...

OK, that's something I always knew I liked. But not something I used to obsess over.
Oh, Vincent, you spoil us for all other men.

Friday, July 09, 2010

A Sideways Look

And again, bizarrely, they all seem to be showing his left side.
Gotta love that button nose.

Can I scratch that for you, darling?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

So It Goes

I cut short my earlier visit because there was a local police meeting at 7.30. At least that's what they told me a couple of weeks ago. I arrived just in time to see everyone leave - it had been at 6.30. So my aching body limped me back home for another cyber-session.

This is the tight fit (mmm, memories of the Tuxedo Hill jet scene) I had to get my fridge freezer into.

Not to mention the magnets back in place even before the food...

Having removed the decorative pelmet underneath the top cabinet on Sunday, today I had to release the worktop on the lower cupboard to give an extra millimetre of space. (I am not exaggerating.) I also had to remove a bit of skirting board (for that, read "hack repeatedly and exhaustedly to remove the offending rock, sorry wood, micron by micron"). Two hours later the fridge slipped effortlessly (hm, hm) into place.

The motor has yet to shut off, so knowing my luck it's busted and will have to go back after using enough electricity to run an industrial freezer. Gee, isn't it great to buy an appliance A+ rated for efficiency.

My Great Face

Flying visit. Nearly killed myself fitting in the new fridge freezer, of which more another time, and will be going out soon for a local police team consultative meeting.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Come and Fill My Space

Or better still, fill my space and come...

My, Bobby hates that husband/father.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Armed and Dangerous

Principally armed, but two "dangerous" - to him, if we were there! See if you can guess which ones.

Monday, July 05, 2010

It Pays to be a Pain

Well, I went and had a rant at Comet today. At first the store manager couldn't be bothered to come out to me, and I had to see the Customer Service assistant.

For some reason, he was unapologetic - I didn't deserve an apology because of my "attitude". Of course, that attitude was nothing to do with them and their incompetence - I should just have come in and been nice. So I had him send for the manager, who then discovered that he's actually already had my email to his Head Office to deal with, and was a lot more accommodating.

So the deal - dictated by me - was the internet price including the 5% discount, all the free bells and whistles from before, and a date and time to suit me.

They agreed, though they say that they cannot guarantee the delivery time - their afternoon slot goes from 2pm - so I have had them mark up the docket as "not home before 4pm". If it actually arrives - Result!

If not, back to the drawing board.

Active Giant

Peek-a-boo tum!

Eye, eye.

I wonder what he's wondering?

A hairy situation.

"I hate you, perp!"

Shake a leg.

What a lashly picture.

Whisper in my ear like that, and I'll grab you and never let go.

"Oh yeah?"

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