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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Incompetent or What?

I measured the gap from every possible angle (except the one where there's no fridge in the way). I dismantled part of a fitted cupboard. I cleaned and cleared and planned. I bit my nails down to the knuckles while cleaning out the hens in case the phone call came that the fridge was an hour away, while I had them ranging free. When the call came (at 3.15) I disgorged the contents of the fridge and the freezer into containers that would keep them close to the correct temperature.

The men arrived around 4pm. They measured up, and said they thought the appliance would fit even without the removal of the skirting board which they wouldn't do even if I paid them). They unpacked the appliance on the tailgate of their van to check the measurements. I took one look at the naked front of the thing and knew.

It had no water cooler. It had one door. It was a freezer. Just a freezer. No fridge.

The men took it away. I phoned the helpline. They phoned the store, which, unusually stays open till 5pm on a Sunday, when most close at 4pm. They do not have a fridge freezer at the price I paid. The sales assistant who served me swears we looked at lots of things, he can't poimt to the one I settled for.

WELL IT COULDN'T BE THE FREEZER, DIMBO, 'COS I DIDN'T LOOK AT ANY OF THOSE 'COS I DIDN'T WANT ONE! No wonder I couldn't find the exact one with the right code on the internet yesterday.

So I'd been overcharged for the wrong thing. Seems it must have been my fault for not noticing that he'd called up the wrong code number on the computer. Or that the label on the appliance must have been the wrong one in the wrong place. All my fault, you see? I should have mastered their system, even though it is obviously a mystery to them.

I have also wasted a precious Sunday, not to mention the couple of hours spent choosing the damn thing on Friday. And I don't have a new fridge freezer, only a bloody great big fury boiling up inside.

Oh - and if I'd bought the same thing from the same company's online store, it would only have been £499.

Brits - don't EVER buy from Comet. Unless you love being wound up to breaking point. "We live electricals"? If I have my way, you'll die by them.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable Val. How can so many things, go so wrong?

Tess said...

Oh dear...I am amazed they came out on a Sunday! That would never happen here.

Anonymous said...

OMG, are you kidding me??? That's unreal that there could be such a mix-up with product. All that wasted time you spent and if it was the other way around you'd never hear the end of it. Like here, people waiting in doctor's offices for hours beyond the appointment time and we're paying them! At least the cable companies have wised up and have a program where if they aren't on time the service hook-up is free. I hope it works out for you, Val, that's quite the spectacular refrigerator!

val said...

Bev, because, as my mother used to say, in my family we have the Luck of th Nine Bastards. I have no idea what that means!

Tess, call-outs and deliveries are getting better here - you can often pick time slots, though you may have to pay for the privilege. This was free delivery. Wow! they don't charge for delivering the wrong item! What a bargain that turned out to be.

JoJo said...

Oh shit Val, I can only imagine how pissed you are. It's just unbelievable how the customer is NEVER right anymore, and that any screw ups are considered the customer's fault, not the company's. I hope you still have your old fridge and your food is OK.

When we had our fridge delivered, not one person thought to take into consideration the handrail on the stairs and the fridge's handles. The fucker got good and stuck and did a great deal of damage to our walls. HUGE gouges taken out. They had to bring it back to the landing, and we had to remove our handrail from the stairway wall and they finally got it up. Don't even get me started on the royal fuck up when we got our stove. Sears. Never shop there either.

DrowseyMonkey said...

Oh no! Times like these a good sense of humour helps, LOL Nine Bastards ... love that. That's a great name for a blog!

Hope it all works out though - that's very annoying.

Ruby said...

Oh poor Val! I'm so sorry! It seems like no matter what you try to get done these days, you end up having to re-do it at least once and, like you said, it's always *your* fault!! I used to be a service person, but they absolutely drive me CRAZY these days!! I hope things will finally work out for you and your new fridge, Val!

bobbybegood1 said...

PLEASE DON'T KILL ANYONE VAL, PLEASE. I can't afford to come visit ya in a British jail. Ha. Cheers!!

P. S. I hope you calmed yourself with a few good bottles of stout. Bless your heart.

bobbybegood1 said...

Val could you send me your email address?

mauigirl said...

I say go ahead and KILL the idiots! We'll arrange a jail-break. I can bake a cake with a file in it.
But really, DrowsyMonkey is right, keep a sense of humour while killing them.

SnarkAngel said...

You need Bobby Goren to slam his massive hand on their counter and shout: "You just LISTEN TO ME! Listen to me NOW!"

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