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Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Great Face

Flying visit. Nearly killed myself fitting in the new fridge freezer, of which more another time, and will be going out soon for a local police team consultative meeting.


Ruby said...

OMG! The second picture and the last one! They take my breath away! What an absolutely gorgeous man!!

JoJo said...

OMG that last picture is just GORGEOUS!!!!

Hey glad to hear you got the fridge finally installed!!!

samuela said...

Frank Adair...what a gutless piece of filth...Bobby was great in showing no awe and no fear in front of him. Strong and straight to the truth as always.
Unfortunately Adair eventually got his vendetta.

Beverly said...

Pix 3 and 4. Oh Mommy, help me!
Gorgeous stubbly jawline, fantastic smile. Even in this heat he had reduced me to a puddle.

Puny Frank Adair is a Smurf standing next to big, sexy Bobby.

SnarkAngel said...

I love it when you save the BEST for LAST, Val. Ohhhhhh ... to have him staring down at me like that!

sixtwosue said...

Is it normal for me to love one man's nose so much? I just want to Eskimo kiss with him, among other things.

Diane said...

That's a face I'd happily kiss until my lips fell off!

potzina said...

The last one!!! Yummy! I love your flying visit ;)))

BASRIC said...


jazzy said...

Cap #7 is soooo cute!

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