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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big babies and small

So many sweet pictures I couldn't pare it down any more than these!

Stop washing and look at all the people.
 photo DSC00209_zps88d2b0e9.jpg

Time for a walk in the jungle.
 photo DSC00215_zps145d41aa.jpg

I am a big brave cub and I will ROAR at you!
 photo DSC00217_zpsc2a04f7d.jpg

And then I will retreat with dignity.
 photo DSC00219_zpsc10143e8.jpg

See, I can climb this big tree!
 photo DSC00225_zps308ea829.jpg

Now we can race back down.
 photo DSC00226_zpsc566555f.jpg

See me pose? See how big I am!
 photo DSC00227_zpsd4ee77c9.jpg

My bones have melted.
 photo DSC00228_zps9451baf0.jpg

And my head won't stay up.
 photo DSC00229_zpsd0fcef10.jpg

I can s-t-r-e-t-c-h.
 photo DSC00233_zps12b0753a.jpg

Wossat? Wossat? Can we eat it? Can we play with it?
 photo DSC00237_zpsa2addc0c.jpg

Meanwhile dad sleeps on a full stomach.
 photo DSC00242_zpsd4827b20.jpg

So we join him in a snooze. Even though mum scratched his nose and they had to be separated...
 photo DSC00245_zps2a861f9c.jpg

A nice smelly sack makes a great blanket for a cheetah.
 photo DSC00244_zps71fc37c8.jpg

Tiny baby emperor tamarin (a twin!) with auntie golden lion headed tamarind.
 photo DSC00248_zps5d193cbd.jpg

Then over to mum.
 photo DSC00249_zps12b9a8a8.jpg

And back to auntie.
 photo DSC00252_zpsa8ca204e.jpg Aaaaaah!

See Me

Such a sad one for dear Bobby.

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