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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'm going to have a Field day!

Those of you who have suffered with me the negligence and arrogance of some staff at London Zoo, which led to the death first of the baby gorilla, then of the tiger cub, will be pleased to know that I have managed, through scathing emails and tweets, to secure a meeting with the Big White Chief, David Field, a senior member of the zoo staff, one time designated Animal Manager, but promoted after the gorilla's death. This death happened when, as related to me by various staff and volunteers, against all advice, this man insisted on making the baby and its mother share space with the new silverback, who was not the baby's father.

My initial inquiries sent me on the trail of the European endangered species programme after the zoo with the studbook for gorillas ignored me. The person I dealt with at the endangered species programme turned out to be Mr Field's wife. No action. No blame attributed.

Well, on Tuesday I am finally meeting with Mr Field. My concerns now are huge. AS if losing the cub wasn't enough, my most recent observations make me think they could sacrifice the tigress to their nonchalant conduct.

Someone has to speak for animals who cannot speak for themselves. It should be David Field doing so. It looks like it will have to be me.


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