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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Time Over and Out

On Thursday we lost the most perfectly-named naturalist in the world. Terry Nutkins, star of many animal programmes, many of them for children, died of leukaemia. He was 66.

I never could believe it was his real name. I mean, it had to be made up, right? But no, it really was his name. Many childhood memories will be fondly recalled as people now grown up reminisce about the happy times they had enjoying his broadcasts.

In a complete non-sequitur, my Friday contained some diverse moments.

I was meeting a friend for supper, but having spotted a shop a couple of weeks ago (on my way to see the lovely Vincent) that sells back bags, I decided to nip back when it was open to buy one.

I already have a purple one and a rusty orange one, but I wanted a bright pink one. Sadly the only one they had that appealed was in aqua.

The shop manager was a lovely east African Asian woman who listened to all my ailments and symptoms and then offered me a free massage on the Mobiliser.

This astonishing machine has a moving roller that vibrating massagers (no, not those!) cannot reach. Where it finds resistance it continues working to loosen things up before moving on.

And I could buy one for just £2,995! Perhaps my Euromillions win from last night will help - all of £5.80!

I walked across the Thames to Waterloo Station to meet up with my old university friend Tom.

We hadn't met up since 1997, when he took me to lunch at the Houses of Parliament a few months after being elected as an MP. He didn't stand at the last election, and now runs an organisation called Sector4Focus, whose stated aim is to  "promote cross-sector partnerships between charities and businesses or local government for mutual benefit,  providing bespoke consultancy, training, facilitation and comment."

Back in our student days Tom had lovely long, blond locks. And I was slim and curvaceous. TIme is cruel.

We had a pleasant evening of catch-up, in a restaurant opposite the empty space where my grandmother's uncle had his baker's shop, from which she was married in 1897. Then I had to head home and feed the cats - and the foxes! Life is full of responsibilites.

All In - Day 3

Prettily pouting.

Friday, September 07, 2012

All In - Day 2

And yet, and yet - no matter how awful the episode, just look at how handsome he is.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

All In - Day 1

Bobby's offering me his neck to make up for the worst, most insulting episode in all LOCI's history.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Monday, September 03, 2012

Aggressive or Stupid?

Which would you rather be?

Today I just about managed to stop a child giving ducklings and a moorhen chick some crisps, which they were doing with the connivance of their accompanying adult. Crisps (potato chips) being very salty are death to birds, especially baby ones, so as you can imagine, given that there was a split second to stop the murder, I was rather abrupt.

The adult ("I am NOT their mother" - " But you are the adult responsible for them") accused me of being aggressive. Personally I would have settled for abrupt, or even assertive, but being accused of aggrssion makes me, well, aggressive! I pointed out the many "do not feed our animals" notices, but she was deaf to all this, seeking only confrontation.

Of course, I told her she must be stupid to disobey the notices. Anyone disagree? She was obviously keen to prove me right, because shortly afterwards it seems she pointed me out to a security guard. I don't know what she told him, but he contacted a visitor manager. As the woman slunk away I was able to tell them about her actions, and that I'd stopped her and her charges. At first the visitor manager thought I was the one who had her called. She couldn't believe the woman was stupid enough to bring attention to herself when she was so obviously in the wrong.

Their intention to to locate her and take her to task.

So, on balance, I'd prefer to be aggressive than stupid. Stupid kills the animals. Aggressive protects them. No contest.

Lady's Man - Day 18

I don't mind it if he hides his face, as long as it's behind those hands.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

I wanna tell you a story

My earliest experience of being in the presence of celebrity occurred when I was only about 5 years old.

The New Cross Empire was just a short walk from my chlidhood home.

It was built as a music hall in the early years ot the 20th century.

One day, as I was being wheeled towards the theatre, a figure came out which, even at my very young age, I recognised as Max Bygraves.

Max was a popular entertainer. He had many hit songs and TV shows. Everybody knew who Max was. The Empire was a local venue for him, as he was born in neighbouring Bermondsey, SE London. His catchphrase was "I wanna tell you a story." His most famous songs include "Tulips from Amsterdam" and the naive (children's?) song (these days I wonder...) "You're a pink toothbrush, I'm a blue toothbrush".

A few years ago I idly googled Max and was surprised to find he was alive and well and living in Australia. No more. On Friday he died, a last link with my childhood.

The theatre itself was demolished many years ago. This is what they did with the site:

That's right, folks. For more than 50 years it has been a used car lot. Every time I went to secondary school the view slapped me in the face, as the site is bang opposite my school building.

What a waste.

Lady's Man - Day 17

I think he's got what he more ways than one.

NBC Shame

I'm choosing Post 3800 to express my disgust with NBC at something far worse than cancelling LOCI.

They have bought the US rights to the Paralympics, but are not showing them. They are going to make a one hour highlights show after the Games have finished.

The disrespect to both the incredibly talented athletes, and to every disabled person worldwide (apparently there are 38 million in the US alone, and the number of disabled ex-service personnel must be vast) is just unbelievable.

Over here people are complaining about the ad breaks and the crass commentaries, but there is wall-to-wall coverage and every stadium is packed to the rafters.

Let's hope this leads to the US never again being awarded the Olympics, or at least not until the country and its broadcasters learn to give parathletes, and the disabled in general, the regard and respect they deserve.


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