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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Time Over and Out

On Thursday we lost the most perfectly-named naturalist in the world. Terry Nutkins, star of many animal programmes, many of them for children, died of leukaemia. He was 66.

I never could believe it was his real name. I mean, it had to be made up, right? But no, it really was his name. Many childhood memories will be fondly recalled as people now grown up reminisce about the happy times they had enjoying his broadcasts.

In a complete non-sequitur, my Friday contained some diverse moments.

I was meeting a friend for supper, but having spotted a shop a couple of weeks ago (on my way to see the lovely Vincent) that sells back bags, I decided to nip back when it was open to buy one.

I already have a purple one and a rusty orange one, but I wanted a bright pink one. Sadly the only one they had that appealed was in aqua.

The shop manager was a lovely east African Asian woman who listened to all my ailments and symptoms and then offered me a free massage on the Mobiliser.

This astonishing machine has a moving roller that vibrating massagers (no, not those!) cannot reach. Where it finds resistance it continues working to loosen things up before moving on.

And I could buy one for just £2,995! Perhaps my Euromillions win from last night will help - all of £5.80!

I walked across the Thames to Waterloo Station to meet up with my old university friend Tom.

We hadn't met up since 1997, when he took me to lunch at the Houses of Parliament a few months after being elected as an MP. He didn't stand at the last election, and now runs an organisation called Sector4Focus, whose stated aim is to  "promote cross-sector partnerships between charities and businesses or local government for mutual benefit,  providing bespoke consultancy, training, facilitation and comment."

Back in our student days Tom had lovely long, blond locks. And I was slim and curvaceous. TIme is cruel.

We had a pleasant evening of catch-up, in a restaurant opposite the empty space where my grandmother's uncle had his baker's shop, from which she was married in 1897. Then I had to head home and feed the cats - and the foxes! Life is full of responsibilites.

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JoJo said...

Damn I just commented and my internet crashed!!! Anywho, sounds like a great day out and that massager is really cool! Too bad it costs so much.

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