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Sunday, September 02, 2012

NBC Shame

I'm choosing Post 3800 to express my disgust with NBC at something far worse than cancelling LOCI.

They have bought the US rights to the Paralympics, but are not showing them. They are going to make a one hour highlights show after the Games have finished.

The disrespect to both the incredibly talented athletes, and to every disabled person worldwide (apparently there are 38 million in the US alone, and the number of disabled ex-service personnel must be vast) is just unbelievable.

Over here people are complaining about the ad breaks and the crass commentaries, but there is wall-to-wall coverage and every stadium is packed to the rafters.

Let's hope this leads to the US never again being awarded the Olympics, or at least not until the country and its broadcasters learn to give parathletes, and the disabled in general, the regard and respect they deserve.



Anonymous said...

I know Tess was VERY annoyed they didn't show the Olympics 'live' - and here was I thinking they were doing opening/closing ceremonies at 9pm to grab that 'world wide audience'.

Channel 4 is driving me nuts with it's inappropriate ad breaks; these usually seem to take place when there's only 5 minutes left to play in the final quarter of the wheelchair basketball. I doubt the world as we know it would end if they waited to show the damn ads AFTER the game had finished, but no......

JoJo said...

They have been getting flack about Olympics coverage for years. They NEVER show it live. I was apoplectic when the games were 150 miles up the highway from me in Vancouver, and I had to watched delayed coverage. The frickin CBC lost the rights to CTV, and our cable didn't carry CTV, only CBC. NBC botches it every time. I remember in the 90s, all they did was broadcast stupid side stories about the venues and locations of the different events, and spent very little time on the events themselves. They suck.

But that said, it's a little harsh to want the US to never be awarded the Olympics again. It's not the US's fault that NBC are buttheads.

Eliza said...

Apart from the ad breaks I've thoroughly enjoyed C4's coverage.From what I remember from 4 years ago thy're showing more than the BBC did.

I can't understand why any country wouldn't show as much as they possibly could

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