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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Performing for the Public

Unlike last week's non-appearance, on Friday the tiger cubs were out and playing for much of the day. There was much exloration of the jungle.

 photo DSC00934_zpst61oyc12.jpg

 photo DSC00946_zpsbysjaoos.jpg

 photo DSC00947_zpsrzo3tdqc.jpg

 photo DSC00950_zpszvjd14dg.jpg

 photo DSC00954_zpskhuxhgsu.jpg

 photo DSC00955_zpssnblek7f.jpg

Sadly, there was some domestic violence. Mum beat dad into submission. No cub should have to witness that!

 photo DSC00943_zpsqulxrdan.jpg

Dad crept away with his tail between his legs.

 photo DSC00944_zpsbl9c1i43.jpg

When she'd had enough of naughty cubs, mum went further up the climbing frame than either baby has yet ventured.

 photo DSC00957_zps8gdpidux.jpg

Stuart Saves His Family

I saw absolutely no point whatsoever to this film.

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