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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bedfellows - Lost In Space

Last night, Season 6 got to Bdfellows, one of my favourite episodes 'cos Bobby looks so freaking HOT in it.

There were a couple of frozen picture interludes - then the satellite signal was lost.


No sweat. I recorded it on Hallmark+1 AND the second showing on the main Hallmark channel on my Sky+ box.

This morning I tried to transfer it to the Hard Disc Drive of my DVD recorder. It informed me that the material was protected and could not be recorded - but only after it had pretended to record it for an hour! ON BOTH RCORDINGS!

So I still don't have my own recording of Bedfellows.

Lucky I have the one Eliza sent me last year :)

It is only with hindsight and the knowledge we now have about Bobby's childhood and his mother and father favouring Frank, that we cn fully understand Bobby's reaction to the grandfather's favouritism towards one grandson and neglect of the other.

Poor Bobby!

This is the shot - Bobby reminded of his own dysfunctional childhood.

Lots of great neck shots in this episode.

Quite a nice set of python pictures, too...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Gun Control

This toddler was shot in the head by his 5-year-old sister when their father put down the air rifle he was target-shooting with in the back garden to answer a phone call. He died a few days later.

This 2-year-old was shot in the head by his father when he ran in front of him while he was target-shooting in the back garden. His injury was not severe, and he was later released from hospital.
Airguns do not require a licence in the UK, so boys big and small think they are toys. Some years ago my neighbours had windows damaged by people who target-shot in their own garden while the pellets that missed travelled into the neighbours' property. I lived in fear that they would get one of my cats, either by accident or as living targets. After a lot of complaints, the police went to the house and took the rifle. They had no right to, but the owners didn't know that.

There are calls now for these deadly weapons to be regulated in the same way as traditional firearms.

Meanwhile, it seems that the next Vice President of the US COULD be a pro-gun harridan with a voice that makes Hillary Clinton's tones sound positively mellifluous. She is anti-abortion, which she and other like-minded people call "pro-life". She poses with the remains of dead creatures around her, apparently killed by her and other members of her family.

To me, "pro-life" should include the life of the mothers of unwanted or unplanned babies, and the lives of those shot by the guns she loves and defends. She doesn't even support abortion after rape.

She is a fervent Catholic. SHE BELIEVES IN CREATIONISM! Maybe she sees ghosts, too, and has been abducted by aliens. We may soon hope that she is, because:

If McCain is elected, then dies or becomes ill and incapable, she will be the President of the US.

If there IS a God, may s/he help us all!

New Faith

I managed to edit yesterday's slideshow, adding all the other pictures in the "overthinking" sequence, and here is the new, improved version.

The Big Con

Welcome to Tuxedo Hill, where
Bobby charms a little girl. Again. His fanbase will get younger and younger.

He smiles as he unwraps an English peppermint.
(Wish he'd smile as he unwrapped me...)

He gives us an alternative view of his tongue.

He compares his smooth, sensuous hands with some old, wrinkled ones.

He displays some wayward curls.

He does the arm fold and the head tilt in one pose.

He demonstrates a "tight fit".
(On me, please.)

He even charms a little doggie.

He lulls the nasty perp into a false sense of security.

Then he shouts in his face.
(Do it to me, please, please.)

Then there's The Stance.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Believe Me

I couldn't just post a series of pictures today. It was time for Faith, and when I opened the folder, this slideshow just leapt out and HAD to be today's post.

Actually, I made it before I went Photobucket "Pro", so there could only be 10 pictures in it. The ones in the album are just so delicious, I wanted to edit the slideshow and add the rest, but Phucket wouldn't let me.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

V-Movies for UK-Vixens.

Yes, we are again blessed next week.

The Thirteenth Floor is on Channel 5 at 2.45 in the afternoon on Saturday 6th September.

Guy is on Indie Movies at 5 past midnight on Monday 8th/Tuesday 9th.


The shock of two dead children.

Putting the puzzle together.

Sweet little pout. Pucker up, sweetheart.

The boatyard guy is so DUMB!

"Funny how the fact that she's a woman escaped your powers of observation."

Please point that finger at me, Bobby.

Showing "respect".

"I swear to you, it took this big a grope to surround them."

"Do you thing the Vixens will notice anything?"

"I really do listen to what you say, Eames."

A perfect, if limited, display of neck.

"Best intentions."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Down The Drain

"How can I give this to Val now it's been stuffed down this woman's throat?"

"She went down the drain."

"Look at what one of those Vixens threw at me! I feel like Tom Jones."


And perfect.

I wonder why Anna Llewellyn flirted with him?


Oh - and perfect.

"You pluck your eyebrows."

"I just love Val's blog."


You can hear his brain ticking.

Hem, hem - perfect.

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