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Friday, September 05, 2008

The Big Con

Welcome to Tuxedo Hill, where
Bobby charms a little girl. Again. His fanbase will get younger and younger.

He smiles as he unwraps an English peppermint.
(Wish he'd smile as he unwrapped me...)

He gives us an alternative view of his tongue.

He compares his smooth, sensuous hands with some old, wrinkled ones.

He displays some wayward curls.

He does the arm fold and the head tilt in one pose.

He demonstrates a "tight fit".
(On me, please.)

He even charms a little doggie.

He lulls the nasty perp into a false sense of security.

Then he shouts in his face.
(Do it to me, please, please.)

Then there's The Stance.


silly for Vincent said...

That Bobby...can charm any female on this planet,and I belive beound...with his cute and sexy smile!!!Luckyest dog in the whole world,to be held lke that by Bobby...eeeehhh!!!
Angry Bobby...RRRRRR...WOOF!!

SnarkAngel said...

Anything with Bobby interacting with children or animals just gets to me every time! *melts*

jazzy said...

the alternative view of his tongue is my fave; cute and sexy at the same time.

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