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Friday, September 05, 2008

Gun Control

This toddler was shot in the head by his 5-year-old sister when their father put down the air rifle he was target-shooting with in the back garden to answer a phone call. He died a few days later.

This 2-year-old was shot in the head by his father when he ran in front of him while he was target-shooting in the back garden. His injury was not severe, and he was later released from hospital.
Airguns do not require a licence in the UK, so boys big and small think they are toys. Some years ago my neighbours had windows damaged by people who target-shot in their own garden while the pellets that missed travelled into the neighbours' property. I lived in fear that they would get one of my cats, either by accident or as living targets. After a lot of complaints, the police went to the house and took the rifle. They had no right to, but the owners didn't know that.

There are calls now for these deadly weapons to be regulated in the same way as traditional firearms.

Meanwhile, it seems that the next Vice President of the US COULD be a pro-gun harridan with a voice that makes Hillary Clinton's tones sound positively mellifluous. She is anti-abortion, which she and other like-minded people call "pro-life". She poses with the remains of dead creatures around her, apparently killed by her and other members of her family.

To me, "pro-life" should include the life of the mothers of unwanted or unplanned babies, and the lives of those shot by the guns she loves and defends. She doesn't even support abortion after rape.

She is a fervent Catholic. SHE BELIEVES IN CREATIONISM! Maybe she sees ghosts, too, and has been abducted by aliens. We may soon hope that she is, because:

If McCain is elected, then dies or becomes ill and incapable, she will be the President of the US.

If there IS a God, may s/he help us all!


judith said...

oh. i do agree.

Anonymous said...

We needed God's help when Bush was elected (both times).

I find it amusing that this no-condom family has a daughter with an unplanned pregnancy. And the guy they say is the father may not even be.

I'm afraid for my country. We can only be saved by Barack Obama.

SnarkAngel said...

This woman is nothing but "white trash." I plan on doing a post later on "Pabulum Ad Nauseam," Val. The only upside I can think of is that this woman might be scary enough to get the "independents" to vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry Val, according to an article in my paper yesterday, the world ends next Wednesday, when some nice scientists turn on an experimental thingy that could suck the universe into a man-made black hole.....

judith said...

i hope not diane i want to see "bobby" in november!!!

mauigirl said...

It frightens me that someone so blatantly arrogant, selfish and narrow-minded could possibly be VP or worse, Prez of the US.

What's with toting the 4 month old around in a huge stadium with germ-filled people. Everyone knows she has a baby, she didn't have to show it off.

acer110 said...

Val, I,m sure I won't be popular on your site today, because I plan to vote for HER!! For your infomation, Obama's mother was 3 months pregnant before obama's father married her and he already had a wife in Kenya and was never divorced. A Bigamist!!! Get your facts straight. I am sure you will delete this message. But you don't have to worry because I will not post on here again.

Music Wench said...

I'm just amazed at how much the right wing media creamed their jeans over this woman. Even her voice annoys me. She's being really an obnoxious bitch on the stump. Guess it's good cop and bad cop time. She's the bitch and he's the 'let's all get along.' Never mind the nasty ads I've been running that blatantly lie about Barack Obama.

Here's hoping Snarkangel is right and the independents will see how messed up the Republicans are.

Anonymous said...

Hey, acer110,

You can't even take a shot at Obama himself, so you're going after his mother; like this pre-marriage pregnancy will be the deciding factor. Really now.

And the fact that you're not posting here again because others have a different opinion from you? Now that's cowardly. It shows what deep crap we're in.

Good day to you.

Tess said...

At first I laughed when I heard McCain had picked her, now I'm terrified! This woman is MORE conservative than Bush (I didn't think that was possible) I think once her 'honeymoon' period is over people will start to see her for who she is. Yes, she appeals to the Republican right, but I don't think she'll do well with Independents...At least I hope she won't!

jazzy said...

i still don't know what is worst, pro-guns or anti-abortion? plague or cholera?

Anonymous said...

Have to say Judith, I'll be madder than hell if we all disappear into a man-made black hole on Wednesday. I wanna see Season 8 too, but we can take 'comfort' (??!!) in the fact we'll all be gone at the same time, so they'll be no one left to make anything at all, ever...!!!

judith said...

thanks diane. in its own way thats a sort of comfort!!!!

val said...

Darlene, If you had stopped at telling me you were going to vote for her, that would have been fine. But then you start to abuse me, and villify Obama, whom I didn't even mention. Seems you and Palin deserve each other. The rest of the world does not.

Apparently peopel like you tink free speech is only for people like you. You are a hypocrite. I'm glad you will no longer visit my site, and I will no longer keep you in my email address book.

Oh, and Vincent D'Onofrio is a Democrat, and would probably be as horrified as the rest of us here by your rabid outburst. You'd better give him up.

Kimberly said...

I can only hope that enough people with common sense will decide to vote Obama. I and our business cannot stand another Bush...and McCain seems just that. If he wins, can i borrow one of those air rifles you are talking about? I just may need to shoot MYSELF in the head!

Eliza said...

I wasn't sure about leaving a comment on this one,but,having talked about this today with my mum,we both agree that the thought of Palin in the White House scares us.

JoJo said...

You think it scares you guys? How do you think that informed, intelligent Americans feel? If McCain wins, he's one malignant melanoma away from her being Pres. and that scares the crap out of me.

G'OBAMA!!!! The Obama/Biden ticket is awesome. I hope people stop being little sheep and use their BRAINS for a change and vote for change. Real change. Not some doddering elderly elitist who doesn't even know how much property he owns and his hypocritical uber conservative running mate.

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