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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The two tiger cubs, Sinda and Bira, are already looking really grown up. They pester their parents relentlessly, but remain really baby-like with the keeper. They constantly moaned to him about wanting a feed. They made a sound a bit like a very loud lamb's bleat. As soon as the keeper tried to give them a bit of food ahead of time, the parents attempted to muscle in. He really has the best job in the world. There is now a safari section of the zoo, with animals loose within the safari zone. It is a VERY hilly site, and the lorries pull wagon-loads of over 20 people up and down along the edge of what seemed to me like a precipice!

At feeding time, the keeper called the tigers into their small enclosure so that he could distribute their food around the main enclosure. The youngsters were asleep on a hillock, and didn't respond for a while. The parents were getting impatient.

Then, when everyone was where they should be, and the food was set, the keeper had a close up talk to give to a party. By now, the tigers were literally climbing the wire, so impatient were they for their food.

This is what happened when he finally opened the gate:

Dad won, and took his prize inside a little hut. Mum got some, too, but eventually abandoned it to her nuisance offspring.


judith said...

oh val. how lovely.

SnarkAngel said...

Thanks for sharing these, Val! What a great-looking little family!

Eliza said...

Sounds like you had another excellent day out.The adult tigers are wonderful but the cubs are what does it for me..:-D

Drowsey Monkey said...

so cute

JoJo said...

THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE!!! I want one! I want to hug one!

Music Wench said...

Most adorable! Thanks for sharing these!

jazzy said...

jojo's famous last words will be: "i am hugging a tiger!" (i fear)

i think the keeper got an interesting job. nice pix. thx!

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