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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

V-Movies for UK-Vixens.

Yes, we are again blessed next week.

The Thirteenth Floor is on Channel 5 at 2.45 in the afternoon on Saturday 6th September.

Guy is on Indie Movies at 5 past midnight on Monday 8th/Tuesday 9th.


SnarkAngel said...

Whitney/Ashton and Guy? All in the same week? YUMMMMMM!!!

Anonymous said...

It IS Christmas then?! Now, if we could only arrange for all of us to be in a perfect 'viewing position' in Toronto next Monday/Tuesday...

OH! And did you notice the 'dread' words on the blurb for 'The Narrows'? ' release' - which means on this side of the pond, probably, London, Glasgow and somewhere we've never heard of that has an 'art' theatre.

jazzy said...

i hate these 'limited release things'! especially when it concerns vince. ARGH!

Tess said...

Lucky you!!

Eliza said...

Do you think my mum would mind if I only spent an hour with her on Saturday?? That way I could be home in time for 13F...although maybe I can persuade her to watch it with me :-)

SnarkAngel said...

Thank goodness I live in Chicago ... big enough city that we are "likely" get to see The Narrows eventually. Funny thing is, I have gone to TIFF before, with friends, and almost went this year. But purchasing a new car really f'd up my budget. *sigh*

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