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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post 3,000

I may not have time to post tomorrow, as I will be busy getting ready for my shoulder surgery on Friday. Lots of shopping to do for me and the creatures, especially the heavy stuff that I won't be able to do for a while, then clean out the chickies so that they will be good for a week or two.

I don't actually know what I will be allowed to do after the operation. They have to repair the rotator cuff on my right shoulder (damaged in a fall on a dodgy pavement in October 2009, and over which I am trying to sue the local council) and I don't want to rip the internal stitches. I doubt I'll even be able to wear a bra, which is rather alarming when you wear a K-cup! My friend will do what she can to help out in between looking after her elderly mother, but I just know I'll try and do something I shouldn't just because I like to be independent.

So for this monumental post I've chosen a monumental picture - just one - from a monumental film:

Sweet dreams!

Blinking Great

Gotta love the bar snacks scene!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who would WANT a way out from Bobby?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

This is the man who invented the World Wide Web - and refused to take a penny for his invention. Thanks to him we are here in touch with each other. He believed we all had the right to access to the Internet without copyright charges. He is a saint of the cyber era. What a guy!

If he had taken a cut of his invention and its uses, he would be many times richer than Bill Gates, or anyone else on the planet.

Three cheers for Sir Tim!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick Quiz

This is Tim Berners-Lee.

If you know who he is or what he did, please comment "Yes"; if you don't, please comment "No".

Please do not say anything further, and please - DO NOT LOOK HIM UP ON A SEARCH ENGINE!

I'm just interested in how many people have heard of him.

Reasons for not going to the dentist

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Elephant Rescue

A few days ago I half heard something on the radio about a fallen elephant "at an animal park near Canterbury, Kent" being lifted by the fire brigade. Today I remembered to look it up.

I knew the park had to be Howletts, where I often visit, and the place where I stroked a tiger just a year ago.

Umna, a 13-year-old female African elephant, had fallen over, and her swollen stomach clearly showed she had colic, which is a dangerous condition for elephants, and requires them to keep moving.

So the fire brigade was called in and successfully raised her to her feet, thus saving her life.

Anyone interested in seeing a massive sedated male Siberian tiger being examined by a tiny female vet, just visit here:

For the sister park's Siberian cubs getting their first vaccinations by the same lucky vet, look here:


Still the best line in all TV.

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