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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Elephant Rescue

A few days ago I half heard something on the radio about a fallen elephant "at an animal park near Canterbury, Kent" being lifted by the fire brigade. Today I remembered to look it up.

I knew the park had to be Howletts, where I often visit, and the place where I stroked a tiger just a year ago.

Umna, a 13-year-old female African elephant, had fallen over, and her swollen stomach clearly showed she had colic, which is a dangerous condition for elephants, and requires them to keep moving.

So the fire brigade was called in and successfully raised her to her feet, thus saving her life.

Anyone interested in seeing a massive sedated male Siberian tiger being examined by a tiny female vet, just visit here:

For the sister park's Siberian cubs getting their first vaccinations by the same lucky vet, look here:


JoJo said...

Was it b/c the elephant's bowel had twisted? I remember reading in the James Herriot books how dangerous it was when a cow or horse's bowel would twist and cause colic.

val said...

Don't know, JoJo, sounds possible.

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