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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Still the best line in all TV.


JoJo said...

We were talking about this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, those Vixens that were online at the time. We were all writing, EGG CUP!!!! and cracking up. hahahahha Best line ever.

sixtwosue said...

He is such a flirt, isn't he, in that second picture? I love a good flirty man. Oh, and I saw The Egg Cup Guy in some other show and said, "Hey, it's Egg Cup Guy," and the person I was watching with looked at me like, WTF? I should hang around FB with you guys. :)

mauigirl said...

O M G!!! That 4th pic, how the hell did Eames keep from climbing across the desks and ravage him, I just don't understand!

Yes JoJo, that EGG CUP chat was sooo funny! Sixtwosue, you should hang with us there.

Beverly said...

There are so many wonderful caps of Bobby but I'm especially fond of the second one in your list today.

EGG CUP!!!! (sorry couldn't resist)

potzina said...

Open collar!! Thanks Val, you're a wonderful friend.

Diane said...

If memory serves, this was also the 'She stole our stapler!' episode too, another personal favourite line

Ruby said...

OMG!! THOSE HANDS!!! AND THAT BACK!!! Thanks, Val!! The perfect Valentine's Day gift!!!

sixtwosue said...

Sounds like fun, Mauigirl!

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