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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Very British Heroine

The other day, in the English town of Northampton, a jewellery store robbery was foiled by a handbag-wielding grannie in her 70s, who single-handedly sent the half-dozen or so large male would-be robbers running/motorbiking away in disarray:

The brave person with the camera carried on regardless of the risk to life and limb, as the life and limb concerned was not theirs.

This is what the old lady, later identified as Ann TImson, looks like up close and unblurred. She has retired the red coat for the time being till the publicity dies down:


JoJo said...

Way to go Granny!!!!! I love it! However I don't understand how NO ONE jumped in to help, and the store started to shut it's metal doors. And where were the damn cops????

Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness! She's my hero.

Anonymous said...

I saw this on TV! Good for her.

Anonymous said...

Given our screwed up law system, the only surprise is she wasn't arrested for assaulting the robbers!

Tess said...

She just came charging in didn't she! (over here she probably would have shot the robbers)

potzina said...

I saw her on TV : I don't know if she's brave or crazy. She could have been hurt or killed by these punks. Anyway, she's amazing.

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