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Monday, February 07, 2011


That's how I feel about our Vincent today.

The ad is out there, and also here:

On TheReel they quote from "Village Voice, 2.7.11 by Graham Rayman" where Mr Wonderful is referred to as "lantern-jawed". It's a term I've often heard, but never been quite sure exactly what was meant by it, except perhaps over-large.

The online dictionary says:
1. A lower jaw that protrudes beyond the upper jaw.
2. A long, thin jaw that gives the face a gaunt appearance.

Neither of which applies to The D'Ivine one. Who was this guy looking at when he said it?


Tess said...

Clearly he wasn't looking at Vincent!

Anonymous said...

'Lantern jawed' to me means 'Desperate Dan' from the comic, and Dan may be Desperate, but he ain't Vincent ;0)

Kudos to Vincent for putting himself out there (again!) for something he believes in.

Ruby said...

I, too, am VERY proud of our guy for supporting this VERY important issue!! But lantern-jawed??? I don't think so!! Perhaps this guy was thinking of Jay Leno! (no offense, Jay!)

Anonymous said...

Lantern-jaw...Who thought that one up? How does "long jaw" translate to "lantern"? I have never heard that before in my life.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ruby, I'm very proud of Vincent! "lantern'jawed?, don't think so, Vincent looked great.

mauigirl said...

I am so proud of him, too!!

Lantern-jawed, I had to look it up because although I've heard it, somewhere, didn't know what it meant. If you Google Image the term, you'll see pix of John Hamm (Mad men) Aaron Eckhart, Kanye West, Brian Austin Greene, Jared Leto, Sean Bean and others. So, I guess these days, it means HANDSOME!

potzina said...

I'm proud of him, too!
Concerning the "lantern-jawed", I'm not sure I understand something!

val said...

Diane, that was my thought, but I didn't think it would mean much to most people.

Great minds and all that!

val said...

Hi, Pat, and welcome.

JoJo said...

He is SO not lantern jawed. Jay Leno, yes, but not Vincent.

greeneyesbell1 said...

thanks for posting this.i think he looks for the lantern jaw comment,i dont think he has one.whenever i have heard that phrase used,jay leno has been mentioned,no offense to leno...thats just where ive always heard it mentioned...

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