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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Dangers of Twitter on iPad and Other Nonsense

 photo Thumbsucker112.jpg

First a sweet memory from Thumbsucker. I have Photobucket and Blogger on my iPad but can't make them do what I want, so I only post on here. But I haven't been here since February. Once I check my emails and read an online newspaper, it's on to Twitter, and I'm stuck there for hours.

Following Trump's latest insanity and pretty kitty pictures. Signing petitions and retweeting lost pet tweets.

My laptop is terminally slow, so I don't often feel like waiting for it to go through its motions. One of my favourites on Twitter continues to be the black jaguar cub Maya.She's getting so big.

I'm still waiting for a date for my next shoulder replacement. I'm getting scared it may interfere with my activities this late spring and summer. Should be off to see May on July 26th.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Brooklyn's Finest with Zoo Angels

We always used to complain that Vincent's character was dead by the end of a film. In this one he was dead within minutes!

 photo BrooklynsFinest46.jpg

Yesterday I managed to get to the zoo for the first time in ages. Apart from meeting up with the other regulars, Chris, Tina and the other Val (who's Australian and relays news of the female tiger and her cubs to her friend Kath, who knew Melati and her father in Perth Zoo) It was great catching up with the animals.

Achilles' favourite keeper Katie was on hand to feed him directly through the back gate to the enclosure. I wonder if his adoring look is for her or for his food?

After their feed the twins had a sleep in their den. Sibling love.

Before his nap Achilles had a game retrieving a log from the pool. Like any cat, he then ost interest in it.

Bhanu has at last laid cliam to the covered den with the heated rocks. But he doesn't seem to be making much headway with the sisters. He went off roaring impressively to find them, They lined up one by one to face him off.

The meerkats found a perfect way to enjoy the sun on what was quite a chilly day, with a cold wind.

Marilyn the sloth had found a comfy perch above the human walkway in the rainforest zone.

These pictures have uploaded in a different order from the one I expected. This was my last visit of the day, to one-month-old Megan (or maybe Meghan after Ms Markle?) the baby okapi.

Tiger mum Melati was in the heated den with her (very large) babies. At 19 months they are now both bigger than her petite self.

Back in the rainforest, the tamandua, or tree anteater, was doing a monorail impersonation.

I didn't manage to get any film of the emperor tamarin Marcel chasing the red titi monkeys. I never knew a tree branch could bend so far without breaking.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Counterfire and Maya

Such a mean young thug in The Equaliser.

 photo Counterfire201.jpg
Much more recently Maya the Jaguar has been delighting the world. This should be a link to a video of her trying to decide which of her new toys to play with, but it may not work. Maybe you can copy and paste. It's worth it.

She's simply the cutest, sweetest future murderer in the world!

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