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Welcome to the world of the Vincent D'Onofrio obsessed - and a bit of real life thrown in.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Counterfire and Maya

Such a mean young thug in The Equaliser.

 photo Counterfire201.jpg
Much more recently Maya the Jaguar has been delighting the world. This should be a link to a video of her trying to decide which of her new toys to play with, but it may not work. Maybe you can copy and paste. It's worth it.

She's simply the cutest, sweetest future murderer in the world!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Mighty Thor and More

Who wouldn't want to be rescued by this god?

 photo Thor34.jpg

I was surprised the other day to discover that my neighbours have put out a bird feeder. Just the one. No competition for my multiple and various feeders. But interestingly they have attracted an exotic non-native, the ring-neck parakeet.

As one of my foxes trotted towards me the other day, I decided to take a photo. He stopped in his tracks as he spotted me. This is not a still photo, it is a photo of a still fox.

I retreated for a minute, and when I returned he was outside the door waiting for supper.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

18 Wheels with cats

I think Vincent has just done another show at Joe's Pub. Just remembering George Geronimo Gerkie...

Now that I only have two cats, I am ever more indulgent. They are both getting on. Twiglet is over 18 and  is beginning to show her age.

Mackie is 14 and is a glossy mini panther.

There's another mini panther on the block. She's called Maya, and she was rejected by her mother at a wild animal park. She was transferred to a big cat sanctuary where she is being raised. I challenge you to find anything cuter in the world.

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