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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Animal Magic

On Tuesday I visited my friend, who recently adopted two retired breeding Bengal cats, Juniper, a shy petite queen who resisted being photographed, and Bear, a huge stud. When he was a tiny kitten Bear's mother had caught his eye with a claw, so he has lived his life happily with just one.

 photo DSC03223_zps00380a98.jpg

I made another trip to the zoo last Wednesday, and though the tiger cubs did not appear, a new baby llama made its entry into the world. This is the sweetie at just 2-and-a-half hours old:

 photo DSC03227_zps3468d805.jpg  photo DSC03228_zpsa8b81c73.jpg  photo DSC03230_zps9d1b2a18.jpg  photo DSC03232_zps7af96fa6.jpg  photo DSC03234_zps933cad98.jpg

One reason why the cubs may not have appeared is they had their first vet encounter, where they were vaccinated, microchipped and sexed - two boys and a girl.

No Exit

This one tragic episode, misery from start to finish. Bobby's only smile was when he was suggesting the girl who committed suicide was probably drunk and wearing a lampshade at the Christmas party.

 photo NoExit303.jpg

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cutely Cubtastic

I returned to London Zoo twice this week, on Tuesday and on Friday. The cubs didn't put in an appearance on Friday, but on Tuesday I was able to show them off to Helen, my boss.

Mum brought them out to see the world, and for the world to see:

Mum had enough of one of the cubs and slapped him down. Please excuse the loud noise - there is a giant brass tiger paw that kids can operate to understand how the claws retract. Some parents think it's OK for everyone else to have to suffer their kids' intrusive behaviour.

My Good Name

I would really like to be showing Bobby tackling his suspect to the ground, but he was just moving too fast.

 photo MyGoodName313.jpg

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Joys of Motherhood

On Monday I went to see if I could have the pleasure of videoing the tiger cubs for myself. After an hour waiting opposite the exit they would take from their den, I couldn't wait any longer for a pee. When I came back...armed with a sandwich too...they were out! Poor Melati was trying to get all three in the same place at the same time, either in or out, but without much success.

Bye, everyone!

Of course, I continued to wait, this time from a different vantage point where long grasses wouldn't block the view so much. Both there and in the previous place a dedicated core of people waited. And waited. and waited. For six hours, for Melati to appear at her usual time, 4pm. Except the clocks had gone forward, so her usual time would now be 5pm. Such a happy social time we had. But Melati hadn't reappeared with her tiny gang by the time I left at 5.45.

Meanwhile, my friend Julie is about to have a landmark birthday. She had her party before the date. From the photo, can you guess the landmark number?

A Murderer Among Us

Rather a far-fetched motive in this one, I thought. But Bobby is delicious.

 photo AMAU75.jpg

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