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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mothers and Babies

Oh dear. Photobucket wouldn't let me display my new photos, so to get the best view, click on the pics.

At last mummy tamarin has her twins  with her.

Doesn't last though. The aunties want their turn.

Tiger mother with two of her cubs relax in the sun.

After a drop of rain mum decided to give the cubs a lick'n'dry.
Meanwhile dad was dozing with a stone pillow.


Bobby's wondering - this is just before he cuts his hand to make the suspect faint! Suspicion confirmed.

 photo Seizure70.jpg

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big babies and small

So many sweet pictures I couldn't pare it down any more than these!

Stop washing and look at all the people.
 photo DSC00209_zps88d2b0e9.jpg

Time for a walk in the jungle.
 photo DSC00215_zps145d41aa.jpg

I am a big brave cub and I will ROAR at you!
 photo DSC00217_zpsc2a04f7d.jpg

And then I will retreat with dignity.
 photo DSC00219_zpsc10143e8.jpg

See, I can climb this big tree!
 photo DSC00225_zps308ea829.jpg

Now we can race back down.
 photo DSC00226_zpsc566555f.jpg

See me pose? See how big I am!
 photo DSC00227_zpsd4ee77c9.jpg

My bones have melted.
 photo DSC00228_zps9451baf0.jpg

And my head won't stay up.
 photo DSC00229_zpsd0fcef10.jpg

I can s-t-r-e-t-c-h.
 photo DSC00233_zps12b0753a.jpg

Wossat? Wossat? Can we eat it? Can we play with it?
 photo DSC00237_zpsa2addc0c.jpg

Meanwhile dad sleeps on a full stomach.
 photo DSC00242_zpsd4827b20.jpg

So we join him in a snooze. Even though mum scratched his nose and they had to be separated...
 photo DSC00245_zps2a861f9c.jpg

A nice smelly sack makes a great blanket for a cheetah.
 photo DSC00244_zps71fc37c8.jpg

Tiny baby emperor tamarin (a twin!) with auntie golden lion headed tamarind.
 photo DSC00248_zps5d193cbd.jpg

Then over to mum.
 photo DSC00249_zps12b9a8a8.jpg

And back to auntie.
 photo DSC00252_zpsa8ca204e.jpg Aaaaaah!

See Me

Such a sad one for dear Bobby.

 photo PDVD_399.jpg

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Falling in love again

I took my new car on a trip to Howlett's animal park the other day, and found a new animal to love. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't still love the tigers, like this spectacular Siberian:

 photo DSC00189_zpsb5c9380a.jpg

Then there's the pair of snuggly ocelots:

 photo DSC00176_zps583c49c3.jpg

There are several different groups of clouded leopards:

 photo DSC00175_zps2f52aa36.jpg

 photo DSC00177_zpsd3f9e40b.jpg

The Pallas cat had been fed, but he felt it was worth looking out for more:

 photo DSC00185_zps8fc9cbbe.jpg

And then there was my new love - the male giant anteater. He just kept posing. Only the glass and reflections stopped these being the most adorable - and explicit - pictures ever. If men had tongues that long and could lick their genitals, they'd never stop!

 photo DSC00198_zps5d74d1f5.jpg

And what a blanket that tail makes:

 photo DSC00193_zps3323b311.jpg What a star.

Scared Crazy

He's so much better with hair than in the latest pictures of him shorn!  photo ScaredCrazy132.jpg

And all I ask is a tall ship

The Tall Ships regatta is happening at nearby Greenwich, starting yesterday, so I thought I'd nip along and have a look. Shouldn't have bothered. The tall ships so far:

 photo DSC00203_zpsb78af87a.jpg

 photo DSC00204_zps6f8d042c.jpg

I don't think this one counted:

 photo DSC00206_zps4643caed.jpg

Luckily the good old Cutty Sark was there in her dry dock to add some beauty to the dullness:

 photo DSC00207_zps163902b0.jpg

There were thousands of people thronging the streets. The streets closed to traffic. The station so overcrowded I walked (or rather limped) to the previous station to get myself home.

I was gone for just over an hour. It seemed like six.

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