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Sunday, December 14, 2014

You Dirty Rat

It's weeks now since Twiglet carried out her own catch-and-release programme on a rat. She caught it outdoors and released it in the kitchen.

Eventually it was murdered by the pest controller. I phoned the company (KnowHow - hello, nothing good to say about you) that provides the insurance on my ravaged dishwasher. First they said it wasn't covered because it was rodent infestation. Then they decided a one-off wasn't infestation. But the engineer didn't have the necessary parts. They were ordered and when they arrived I got a message to make an appointment. The first available when I could be there was last Friday.

They texted me the night before - a time between 8.50 and 12.50.

They didn't show up.

A phone call with 10,000,000 "press this key, press that key" options led me to someone who said the appointment had been cancelled! "They've been trying to phone you". No. My phone didn't ring while I was sitting next to it. There were no missed calls on the mobile. And no, your next non-working day of next Tuesday is not available.

Eventually they managed to book me a morning appointment for next Tuesday, but I have few hopes they will bother to turn up. After all, this is insurance. They already have my money. And it was my fault that they only allowed an hour for the visit, and the engineer said he needed more.

Couldn't be their fault, could it?

Pissed off? Moi?


Handsome is as handsome ... is.

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Sunday, December 07, 2014

All kitties great and small

It seems to me that I don't have many pictures of my one remaining cat, Twiglet. I've started to remedy that.

As she spends most of her time now on my bed, I didn't have much choice of scene.

 photo DSC00296_zps3e94bc84.jpg

 photo DSC00298_zpsd65d94cd.jpg

She looks pretty grumpy, but she's actually one of the best-natured cats imaginable.

Then there are the tigers. I didn't get any pictures of the cubs on Friday because they chose to sit in one of those places that makes photos difficult to take. But mum and dad were quite co-operative.

 photo DSC00304_zps9c9973f5.jpg

Jae-Jae looks stern but majestic

 photo DSC00302_zpsa3f4313a.jpg

Until he yawns...

 photo DSC00307_zps5af30219.jpg

Meanwhile Melati takes advantage of her rest from her young'uns to have a wash.


Ooh, super-creepy episode. Super-lovely Bobby.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mum of One

On November 17th I lost my darling Jaspa at the age of 20yrs 8mths. She was very poorly, and had probably had a second stroke on the day I came home from work to find her in a state of total collapse.

This is how my lovely girl looked on her 20th birthday. She was painfully thin, but was still enjoying her rather limited life.
Now she's gone, down from 7 cats, I only have one, 15-year-old Twiglet.
Here she is snuggling up her large frame with Jaspa in happier times. She is a lovely girl.
Twiglet brought me in a present a few weeks ago in her latest catch-and-release programme. Not the usual mouse, but a rat. It escaped under a kitchen cabinet and down into the cellar. I tried to catch it in a humane trap, but it wasn't interested in the lovely foods I offered it, preferring to eat its way through foam insulation and pipe lagging, electrical cord and plastic drainage pipe, leaving my dishwasher unusable and the floor flooded.
The first pest controller, sent by an insurer I've been paying good money to for years, refused to go down into the cellar, backing off with fear in his eyes and yelling "health and safety, health and safety". This is because he would have to lower himself through an opening on to a step ladder - no danger of falling, as he could easily hold on to the edge of the hatch. Once down there, there is no tiny cramped space, but the full size of the house. But he claimed he might get stuck. No doubt going into a loft area to destroy a wasp's nest would have produced a similar reaction. Maybe he should consider a change of career.
I called in a company of my own, and a man twice his size in every direction inspected the area and left the dreaded poison. Eventually an unpleasant smell permeated the house, which I presumed to be mummifying rat. He had to hunt quite extensively for it, as it had tucked itself away into one of its many nests high in a corner. And the insurance company has paid me the fee I had to fork out on my own behalf.
Even the company supposedly repairing the dishwasher initially said it wasn't covered because the damage was caused by "rodent infestation". When I pointed out that such an exclusion didn't appear on my policy, they decided that it wasn't an actual infestation (which would have counted as "neglect", I kid you not!) if it was just one rat brought in by a cat. They will pay. Yippee.
Then I'll have to persuade a further insurance company to pay for the flooring to be replaced. No chance this will all be done before Christmas.

Siren Call

That neck still does it for me.

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