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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wildlife Heritage Foundation

Thursday was the first of four open days at the Big Cat Sanctuary. When I arrived there were already thousands of cars parked on an immense site of several acres. After parking, I walked towards the entrance, only to hear the mad shouting of my name as my friends arrived independently just nearby.

 It was a very hot day, so the chances of seeing cats was increased. And we were not disappointed. The spotty male jaguar was in total relax mode.

 photo IMG_0416_zpsuemqsght.jpg

The black female jaguar, Athena, only appeared for food, and was in a very grumpy mood. She is NOT yawning.

 photo DSC00702_zps9taqgxmn.jpg

I don't think the male snow leopared, Yarko, took kindly to being confused with his mate after their enclosures were swapped.

 photo DSC00706_zps0l3icrbt.jpg

The clouded leopard put in an appearance.

 photo DSC00708_zpsvwwudw0i.jpg

As he strode by, he displayed his coat patterns beautifully.

 photo DSC00709_zpsw2xyi2pl.jpg

Then he decided to pee for us. Or was it she?

 photo DSC00710_zpsgzit3sug.jpg

Star of the day, though, was the jungle cat, Jack. Looking just like a largish house cat, he posed and paced, apparently hoping for a little snack if he was on his best behaviour.

 photo IMG_0419_zpszfgxt6mw.jpg

 photo IMG_0420_zpstrc6f8xl.jpg

 photo IMG_0418_zpsqz1zjeov.jpg

The Red Sneakers

Rip-off of the classic Moira Shearer film The Red Shoes?

 photo RedSneakers19.jpg

Friday, July 15, 2016

Brand New Baby Tigers

Melati and JaeJae were allowed back together after their previous three cubs grew up and went to new homes. They immediately rekindled their love, and the result is two new cubs, born on 27th June. On the videos from CubCam on the ZSL London Zoo website, JaeJae has obviously been allowed access to his offspring this time round. But Melati was a very cautious mother last time, and no one expected the cubs to make their public debut any time soon.

So when I finally managed to be free to go to the zoo on a day when it wasn't threatening to rain, as they were only 18 days old, I had no expectation of seeing them.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found it was the second day they have been taken outside by their loving mum. Of course, she made her family at home in a dark corner of the enclosure, where the trunks of small trees and the leaves of bushes made them difficult to see. But we cub junkies just wait around till we get the sightings and the photos we crave. Therefore here we have Melati feeding her two tiny darlings:

 photo DSC00693_zps4ara3v3o.jpg
One brave little soul is already wandering away from mum in this strange new world, safe among the long grass nearby:

 photo DSC00686_zps89xsxpyv.jpg

Nunzio's Second Cousin

Amazing how many obscure films we managed to get hold of back in the days of V-Mania!

 photo Nunzio131.jpg

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Newton Boys

Remember the erect Vincent beside the erect derrick? Ah, yes!

 photo NewtonBoys122.jpg

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