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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

At last - Bhanu!

A couple of years ago the female Asiatic lion at London Zoo had to be put to sleep. Her faithful mate was moved to another zoo, as the only females they had to stay with him were his three daughters. So the girls were moved to their sister establishment, Whipsnade Animal Park, while their enclosure was rebuilt as an Indian village.

Since their return, they have spent all their time in this great new place in exactlyt the same place they used to lie with their mother.

A new male, Bhanu, has been introduced to engage their interest. Sadly, they haven't engaged his. He lived till now with his brother, who has settled in well with a single female in another zoo, but Bhanu hasn't really risen to the challenge of of making himself the boss of three feisty girls.

After a tip from a member of staff that he deigns to join the world for a feed at about 2pm, I made my way to the feeding place, where the handsome Bhanu dutifully appeared.

  photo DSC00783_zpsa5ukasad.jpg

 photo DSC00782_zpspjbjlslv.jpg
Nearby, a Hanuman langur - a species previously unknown to me - relaxed his elegant body in the shade.

 photo DSC00776_zpst8zkqsjo.jpg

Salute of the Jugger

This is the kind of movie the young, tall, muscular Vincent was made to be in.

 photo SaluteOfTheJugger132.jpg

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Gorilla babies

I took my friend to see the tiger cubs the other day. She arrived quite late and I was pretty shattered, so in the end I left her to it. But not before I caught the two baby gorillas on camera. The younger one - the little boy - was having what may have been his first climb, watched over by his half-sister.

 photo DSC00771_zpsxizh8unb.jpg
Eventually Mjukuu, the mother of the 18-month-old girl, unhooked the 8-month-old boy (not her son, but her daughter's kidnapped half-brother) and took him to safety. Meawhile, her little girl had to look on, which I found moving in a rather sad way.

 photo DSC00775_zpsvubqjexo.jpg

The Salton Sea

Not a good look. Not my kind of film.

 photo SaltonSea34.jpg

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The cubs at 1 month

Melati is being a terrific mum to her two new cubs. They spend almost all their time together.


 photo DSC00750_zps4bla0g65.jpg

 photo DSC00753_zps4niq15er.jpg

 photo DSC00757_zpsetzscj7t.jpg

 photo DSC00755_zps7wgpuqig.jpg

 photo DSC00727_zpsby773hut.jpg

 photo DSC00726_zpsskxxu6ox.jpg

Then a brave little creature wandered off by itself.

 photo DSC00737_zpsyy8rzgaw.jpg
Is this true love?

 photo DSC00762_zps2eyvyg2f.jpg

Handsome dad got up for a quick feed.  photo DSC00744_zpsd6yltfaw.jpg

Sorry for the white sheen over some of the pictures. These are reflections of people's clothes on the glass. Given the understandable crush of people wanting to see and photograph the special babies, finding a suitable gap is very difficult.

Salt on our Skin

Along with Guy and The Velocity of Gary, possibly one of the sexiest films ever made.

 photo SOOS18.jpg

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