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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Another of those ripped-from-the-headlines stories that was completely ludicrous.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Open Day

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation is a big cat sanctuary in Kent, SE England. Apart from "experience days" - photography, keeper-for-a day etc - it is not open to the public. But for four consecutive days each July it has open days, and on Friday my friend and I went to one.

Can you imagine? A whole day of nothing but big cats? Heaven!

The secretive louded leopard is usually hidden in the foliage of the zoo enclosures I've failed to see them in. So who knew they had such long tails?

 photo DSC00569_zpslaaw7h8a.jpg

I did know they had such beautiful heads, though. And that they are really quite small.

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 Just next door were the Pallas cats. She looked sweet-natured and cuddlable.

 photo DSC00576_zps6f5iswlo.jpg

He wore an unmistakeable scowl. Who knew cats could actually scowl? His keeper thought it was specially for her.

 photo DSC00578_zpsc1iwyqzn.jpg

There was a complete pride of white lions, and a white tiger.

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 photo DSC00558_zpsrxgs5uyn.jpg

But the animals themselves left the best till last. The black jaguar Athena only appeared when the majority of the day's visitors (1500 I believe) had gone. This beauty had a mate till he died last year. Apparently he could be a bit rough with her, so her ears are rather small...from being bitten and nibbled. Bet she's glad he's gone!

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When I got home to my own little panther I could again imagine I was stroking the black velvet coat of the big one.  photo DSC00593_zpsi8si3cku.jpg Incidentally, Mac was anxious for an outing yesterday, but he kept running into Twiglet, then running away. I saw him disappear upstainrs. Then I went out the front door, where he's always trying to get, and there he was, crossing the road to my side, white chest patch and all. I rushed inside, and there confirmed that Mac was in the house. Apparently he has a double. Panic over.


The dreadful tiger mother. The handsome detective.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Following his outing to the other side of the block the week before last, Macavity decided to go AWOL again during the last week.

This time I was ready for him! I put the basket in the car and drove round to roughly where I found him last time. I got out and started walking back along the route. I soon heard a repeated mewing behind me. I turned and found my errant kittie strolling towards me, answering my call with his.

Stuffed hurriedly into his basket he continued to miaow all the thankfully short drive back home.

Trophy Wine

Personally I think the second word in the title should have been spelt "whine"! Ludicrous episode.

At least they took note of our obsession with the Size 13s.

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