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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Between the raindrops

On Friday I took my friend to Port Lympne. The weather was supposed to be changeable, and on the way down we were rained on plentifully by a cruel nature. But our time there was mercifully dry.

It used to be called a wild animal park, but now they are calling it a "reserve". Many of the animals are running free in extensive acres of grounds, and you have to take a safari bus to see them.

But some creatures are still in enclosures. There is the Scottish wild cat:

There's the Bengal tiger trying in vain to hook through the wire a piece of leg left over from a feed:

Then there's the fossa. His missus was missing - there were 6 cameras on the inside enclosure where she has 4 cubs, but not a whisker visible in any of them!


Heart-breaking episode. Such great acting.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Goodbye and Hello

My car is 10 years old, and I've had it for 9 of those years.

Toyota was in the local shopping centre a couple of weeks ago plugging their new car, and I gave them my details, which they haven't bothered to use. So I went to a few dealerships.

As I have a Nissan, I went to them first, and a salesman promised to hunt around for what I wanted and call me. Then I tried a Citroen dealer, and the young man was charming. He made a similar promise.

Finally I went to a VW dealership, where they found what I wanted just 3 weeks from delivery (though it's the wrong colour, that would have taken 10-14 weeks).

So here's what I'm waiting for:

It's a Volkswagen Up (strange name for a car, tempting to say, "Up yours") but it's got great write-ups and the road tax is just £20 a year instead of £175 because of its fuel efficiency.

The deal is, after 3 years, when the guarantee runs out, I will still owe some money on it. I can then do one of three things:

1. I can surrender it and walk away;
2. I can pay the amount I still owe and keep it or
3. I can trade it in for another new one on the same basis.

This keeps my monthly payments nice and low, and enables me to own a high quality, reliable car of a make I always wanted.

And not just because it has the same initials as me!

Proud Flesh

I find this a very unpleasant episode, credit I suppose to Malcolm McDowell.

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Sunday, August 03, 2014

So Long Mr Handsome Furry Purrer

 photo DSC01358.jpg

My darling Dandy fought off multiple illnesses over the last couple of months, including cancer in his toes. After his amputation operation, it didn't stay in remission, and he had been slowly fading away.

I didn't know what to do. I was due for my latest boob surgery on Wednesday. I didn't want to take his life away earlier than necessary just because I was going into hospital. I didn't want him to suffer longer than necessary just to assuage my guilt.

On Thursday he had hardly eaten for more than a day, and I decided to take him along to the vet's for his last goodbye.

Some of you will remember his loud purr, which kept me company for 18 years.

He was also very talkative.
I will love him forever.


Bobby at his most gorgeous. And a week late for some reason known only to Blogger.

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Lots of handsome hand poses in this one.

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