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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Winners and Losers

Been gone a long time. My poor broken arm was in a brace from 28th March to 3rd July, when the break was repaired by the installation of a huge amount of metalwork and a bone graft.

The next week, a tiny twist tore a piece of bone off my hip close to where the graft was taken from, and I was back in hospital for another 6 days. Meanwhile the overuse of the other arm has made it need a replacement even more, but has set back the timetable by months. Most of my computing is on my iPad which doesn't seem suitable for posting on here with pictures.

 I was up to The Winner for my next Vincent post. He gives lots of people virtual hugs on Twitter, but never me, sadly. Perhaps he's afraid of hurting my arm...

 photo TheWinner78.jpg
Nearly forgot to mention I had to replace my car, as the old one was on a three-year lease, which was up. It was a race as to whether I would be able to drive in time. Over here we have new registration numbers every six months, and I got my new car, a VW Polo, on the first day of the 67 reg, September 1st. This is a similar car:

Monday, May 01, 2017

Been Away FRom The Whole Wide World

Sorry folks. Managed to smash my right arm in two close to the replacement shoulder, in a fall on the eve of my birthday. I'm living life one-handed, in a brace, which makes computing hard, especially as the left arm isnt great either.

Here's a V-pic to keep you going.

 photo TWWW32.jpg

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mind The Drop!

Cats may be well known for being able to land on their feet, but it all depends on the height they fall from. Too close to the ground and they can't right themselves; too hign up and the impact may shatter their limbs.

So a group of stunned visitors watched aghast as three out of our four tigers were dicing with either death, or a spectacular act of gymnastics. Mum Melati was on their high platform. Dad JaeJae decided to join her, having a good sniff around her rear end. They'd already had a go at mating. Well, he had. She was not happy or receptive. Then son Achilles decided to join them, having watched with curiosity about what was going on.

 photo DSC01220_zpsps1lictf.jpg

 photo DSC01219_zpscttbt11x.jpg

 photo DSC01224_zpsdyuurydl.jpg

 photo DSC01228_zpsn6u8czv8.jpg

 photo DSC01221_zps8bz8rjh2.jpg

 photo DSC01223_zpsdbui9z7p.jpg

Meanwhile Karis was making her way on firm ground towards the other side of the enclosure.

 photo DSC01218_zps9sfymwxz.jpg

There she did something I have never seen her do before. She went up to the glass and stared through it at a woman crouching down and putting her hand on the glass at the cub's level. They stayed transfixed by one another for ages.

The woman was a visitor from mum Melati's home zoo in Perth, Australia, where she used to connect with Melati in the same way. Who could have guessed that the little daughter would respond to the same person in the same way?

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