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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just so you know

We DO occasionally have serious snow in the UK. This is the snowbound A66 in Yorkshire overnight, when vehicles were stuck, and motorists were forced to either suffer in their cars and lorries without anyone sending out supplies, or to struggle to somewhere they might find shelter for the freezing night.

Just like the British, be prepared.

Don't miss...

...the Law and Order Breakdancers here:

D'Onofrio, Waterston and Meloni as you've never seen them before!

The War At Home

The first unravelling of Bobby. How our hearts did break.

How our groins did moisten...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Gone or Grow?

I wonder how I ended up with two episodes in the same album? Oh well.

So many delicious close-ups, so little time.

Update on other matters:
I agree with everyone who said leave the comment (I suppose otherwise I wouldn't even have made the post). What I said in the comment was pretty much what I said in the post. I think the thing that annoyed me most was the combination of the letter begging for good feedback, and the attempt to lay the blame for lateness elsewhere.

SnarkAngel, the burgundy shirt has a sort of musky smell under the armpits :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just because.

So much for watermarking them and uploading the new file to Photobucket. I did. It didn't. Not there!

Lost in Cyberspace.

What should I do?

When I ordered VOG on December 29th, it was supposed to arrive by January 16th. When it didn't, I emailed the seller asking for a progress report. They said it must be delayed by customs at my end.

It arrived on the 22nd, complete with a letter begging for 5 stars in my feedback. The label clearly showed that it hadn't been sent till January 8th - 10 days after I ordered it. I wrote again quoting the real reason for its lateness, but received no further correspondance. So I left feedback that reflected the actual situation, not the one the seller wanted me to.

Today I've received an email from them (the boss? I wonder, really) saying they are sorry, and will give me 33% discount if I delete my comments.

It isn't that much money, and I don't like being manipulated. If I follow their link and their instructions (funny how they have it off pat) there's no guarantee they'll then refund me anything.

What do YOU think I should do?

At last!

I managed to get a blue shirt!

I won't admit how much I had to pay for it - but it was a lot less than the $600+ that the last one cost someone.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's on again so I celebrated with a new slideshow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why the death penalty is wrong

If you watch the film "10 Rillington Place" your heart will break. The illiterate simpleton Timothy Evans was hanged in 1950 for the murder of his baby daughter. His wife's body had been found with the little girl's, but he was not charged with her murder.

Evans and his wife were lodgers in the house of John Reginald Christie.

Three years later Christie was hanged for the murders of several women whose bodies were found in the house after he moved out. One of them was his own wife.

Even though he confessed to killing Beryl Evans, Timothy's wife, the authorities found it easier to believe there were two multiple murderers operating separately in one house at the same time, than that they had made a mistake and Evans was innocent. He had confessed, after all, but he was easily manipulated by Christie and by the police. Christie made him believe that he would be held equally liable for the death, having persuaded him that she died as a result of an abortion Evans had agreed Christie could perform. (In fact she had been strangled.) The police took advantage of his suggestibility and weak-mindedness to get him to sign a series of confessions. But Evans had given himself up, thus opening up the original investigation that resulted in his execution.

Timothy Evans

John Hurt as Timothy Evans in the film. Quite an amazing resemblance.

John Reginald Christie

Richard Attenborough as Christie. Doesn't he do a great line in slimey villains?

It took the powers that be years to pardon Evans for the murder of his daughter, but they maintained that he had actually killed his wife, even though he had not been charged with it, and had therefore been legitimately executed. He was not granted a full pardon till 1966. The case is extrememly involved, and I may not have done justice to the facts. But after reading about it or seeing the film, no-one could ever support the death penalty again. What use is a pardon to a dead person?

There's quite a detailed account at this address:

"10 Rillington Place" is showing in TCM in the UK at various times over the next week or two.

Rillington Place was later demolished and the new development renamed, probably Bartle Road, and is tucked alongside the A40(M) in west London.

Undaunted Mettle

Tonight we start Season 3.

Next week we have the pleasure of seeing Stray twice - Tuesday on Hallmark, and Friday on Channel 4.

Oh, and Guy is on Indie Movies again on Thursday 7th at 1.40 (ie. early Friday morning).

Monday, January 28, 2008

Have I seen these before?

Just Googling for the first time in a while, and thought one or two looked less than familiar. Unless anyone knows better (ie. you've posted them so I must have seen them) these could be new to the web.

Cor - Thor!

I just felt like a bit of beefcake. And here am I, a vegetarian.

I wish they'd kept going up when they got to the knees...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bobby By Torchlight

In Shandeh

and in But Not Forgotten

Bouncy Birdie

I got an excited call from the vet today, telling me Rio had laid her egg overnight. She sounded like a kid who'd just received the greatest toy!

She'd taken her husband (also a vet) with her, in case she had to operate. Rio did her thing and enslaved him on the spot, so that the husband immediately wanted one just like her. His wife told him to wait till Rio used her voice. When she did, he suddenly went off the idea!

Rio is home and raring to get on with life. She has some supplements, and I haven't yet ruled out her having "the op" later, but for now she has a new egg to ignore.

The vet had put some steamy water in her cage hoping that the warmth would help her have some contractions. "Oh," I said, "new-laid boiled egg." I just couldn't help myself...

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