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Saturday, August 12, 2006

They don't take pictures of where I live

I googled the name of my part of London - Lewisham - and very little of any interest came up. Actually nothing of interest came up. So I saved a few anyway, just to give you a taste of somewhere so uninteresting, even the local council doesn't bother to publish photos of it. Actually, the High Street becomes rather attractive after the shops are finished. The road broadens, the pavements are wide and tree-lined, and the trees, once covered in lights at Christmas time, now seem to sport them all year long.
The planners "improved " Lewisham by building the concrete tower block on the right, leased to Citibank. In the middles of the picture is the car park that goes with the shopping centre that opened in 1976. Actually, the multi-storey car park is probably the most attractive building they've put up in the last 30 years. You can just see a glimpse of the edge of the roundabout that was supposed to solve all the traffic problems. It was so successful, they're going to rebuild the whole town centre to get rid of the terrible traffic jams. The blank wall is where the remaining older shop joined on to the old Odeon cinema that they tore down to make the town centre so attractive. That's the cinema where I saw The Beatles in 1963.

The Clocktower was erected to celebrate one of Queen Victoria's jubilees. This photo is so old, it shows the tower on its traffic island, whereas some years ago it was moved closer to where the camera is. Now it's in a pedestrianised area. The local department store has been ripped down to make way for a vast new police station. The police shut themselves in when late-night brawls happen outside.

This is part of Lewisham Hospital, which was opened in the buildings of the old Victorian workhouse. It keeps on expanding, but the waiting lists don't seem to get any shorter.

Now we're talking. The Horniman Museum is not in the town centre - in fact, it's about 3 or 4 miles away. It was set up by Lord Horniman of tea fame. It holds some interesting collections, such as musical instruments, artefacts from many civilisations, puppets, and Egyptiana, including mummies.

The museum is set in parkland, and this conservatory has been restored in recent years. There is a little farm-cum-zoo. It really is a great place to take kids. If you have a specially arranged school visit, they can even handle some of the artefacts. It's everything a museum should be - it has lots of pristine glass cabinets, but also lots of dusty corners.

She may be alive

I hadn't realised that last night's episode was going to be a Nicole one. Poor Bobby having to sit there with the tape of one of the earlier episodes playing, listening to her going on about his mother. But didn't he get her back well - "Not in her wildest delusions did she imagine anything like you". Go for it, Bobby. He asked the question about her saving up her blood, so the seed has been sown that she may still be alive.

More lippy. He doesn't need it - the natural look is best for his yummy lips.

Bizarrely, Hallmark had played the end theme and credits for a totally different programme the night before, both at 8pm and at 11pm. More evidence of the amateurishness of some of the satellite/cable companies.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I need Vincent naked NOW!

Ah, that's better!

An unusual fault with my car

My car is just a Nissan Micra very like this one, except mine is a five-door. I had it serviced a couple of weeks ago, and ever since I have been plagued by a noise that sounds like the horn beeping whenever I go over a dip or a pothole.

Today it went back to the service department to see if they could find the cause of the problem. They took it out for a run before stripping it down, just to see if they could recreate the intermittent noise. No luck.

When they raised the bonnet (hood) all they could see that was amiss was that the oil dipstick was not in its hole properly and may have been striking something. They shoved it back and so far (touch wood) it seems to have done the trick.

They know they must have left it so, and had the good grace not to charge me for their time. But it really could only happen to me!

This is the new Nissan Micra that I'd really like. Anyone got a spare £15 grand?

Semi-Detached - For Daydream Believer

This is the first episode of Season 4, in which a DJ gets murdered. Bobby is charmed by a psychiatric nurse who turns out to be the killer.

Did anyone notice some things about Bobby's appearance in this episode? At the start he is more than usually stubbly, but on his "date" with Nelda he is very closely shaven. He looks as if he might have hurt his precious skin. He also seems to be wearing lipstick, his lips are so red and glossy at one point.

I don't think luscious lips need any enhancing, and I know I'm not alone in LOVING the stubble.

I could hate Nelda as much as Nicole.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mr Big

I never tire of seeing him look tall against other people. Just wish I could experience it first hand.

The Last Link in the Chain

My family tree is pretty fully formed for several generations, and we knew we'd found most of the people who were still alive. The one person we couldn't find was my cousin Albert's widow, Phyllis.

Well, I ordered his death certificate last week, and there was an address on it. With no real hope of success 15 years on, I called directory enquiries - and there she was!

We had a long chat. We don't remember each other (I was an insignificant little kid on the one occasion we might have met) but it was as if we'd always known each other. She's 83 and rather frail, and I hope she's glad to find she's still a valued member of our family.

For JoJo - Battle

JoJo wondered why Battle is called Battle and not Hastings.

Well, there is a town called Hastings already, just outside which lies Senlac Hill, where the Battle of Hastings took place. I suppose you could say the town of Battle was created to commemorate the battle.

Battle Abbey was built with the hope that the loser, King Harold, would be buried in the churchyard, but I believe he was moved (probably a political move by William).

Of course, I could have found out more if we's been able to park and take a look.

At Last!

He's back - and where was I at the crucial moment? In my car on my way home from visiting my cousins!

Never mind, I saw the end, then watched the recording I'd made, then saw the beginning of the 11 o'clock repeat, put the animals to bed, then watched the end again before I went to bed.

Not that I'm obsessed or anything.

Anyway, now I know what everyone's on about with Nelda, and poor vulnerable Bobby. Will he ever be able to find someone he can love AND trust? And how can stupid Nelda have preferred her revolting ex-husband to dear Bobby?

Thanks to Frogger for the photos.

Happy Day

Yesterday I went to visit my cousin June and her husband Mick at their home in Kent. They always invite along my friend Susanna, who took care of the refreshments at my mother's funeral, and earned her place as an honorary member of the family.

As usual they gave us a great day, with a terrific meal and a car tour of the area. We tried to visit Battle (where the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066) but it's a very small town with narrow roads, and it was just packed to capacity. It's nice to know that I've just passed through, though.

Check-in for your flight from London

What a shock - to wake up to the news that a terrorist threat (which they HOPE to have averted) has led to chaos at London's airports. It's two weeks to the day till I fly out. I suppose I should have expected to jinx everyone's travels somehow, just by booking a ticket, but this is beyond anything I could have imagined.

Meanwhile, as the terrorists were apparently planning to blow up liquid explosives in their handluggage, you cannot take any on board, not even water, obviously. Baby milk can only be taken on if the person carrying it is prepared to taste it.

All this time I've been planning what to take in my cabin bag to make the 10-hour flight more comfortable, and in the end I may not even be able to take a book to read. I WILL GO INSANE! I need lipsalve, throat sweets, tissues, cool wipes. They may have to scrape me off the seat if I still can't take on the simple necessaries of life. Ah - I never go anywhere without my handbag, either, BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE ONE ON BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I ever get my hands on a terrorist, he will wish he was in the kind of jail cell where you sleep on the floor and have a bucket for a toilet - with 25 other people.

Let's hope they really have got the wherewithal to stop these people and keep them off the streets. After all, a bit of discomfort is nothing compared to what could happen.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hallmark Season 4 Quiz

Why does Bobby look so fed up? Could it be that he's seen Hallmark's listings for Season 4?

Now the quiz - can you put these episodes in the correct order?

1/23; 2/11; 4/14; 5/15; 7/23; 8/18; 9/21; 10/19; 11/21; 13/23.

Answer - this is the correct order, according to Hallmark! Episodes 3, 6 and 12 are missing, and the number of episodes for the series is a moving target. They are running them seven days a week, however.

Thanks to Frogger for the piccies.

My Imitation of a Whirling Dervish

So here I am, less than halfway through the school six-week holidays, and what do I find?

I barely have a day left to myself.

I have two visits to cousins, which is great, though there's a lot of travelling involved by car and train, and they're day-trips, too.

I have already done two vet visits for boosters, and have just booked up a third for Henry the parrot's annual checkup. One of the cats needs a dental, yet to be arranged.

I've booked myself into the dentist's, and must find time to go to the doctor's as I think I might need a mild tranquilliser for my flights.

The new dishwasher will have to be delivered and fitted at some point.

I'm taking a friend to London Zoo.

Another friend is coming to visit.

I have to go to the crematorium on the anniversary of my Dad's death.

My car has to go to the garage to find out why it occasionally beeps when I go over a pothole.

All in just two weeks. And notice I haven't included getting ready for my trip.

That's what holiday time is for - just unwinding...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Trials and Tribulations over - I need a fix

Life, but not Vincent...

I have a Teka dishwasher. "What?" you may ask. "Who are they?" Good question! They are a Spanish appliance manufacturer. Luckily I have it insured because I've had to call them out 3 or 4 times (and it's less than 5 years old). This time, the fault is the same as last year, and the spare part is out of stock, so the UK arm has to order it for my insurers from Spain. Except Spain is shut for August! So I have a choice - wait and hope that it will be fixed so my friend who will be house and pet sitting will have one less chore and one less thing to worry about; or junk it and buy a new one.

I decided to go for the second option, so this morning I went to a retail park to look at possible replacements. Very nice - but "We don't fit them or take the old one away"!!! Do they not want my money? I then tried a large DIY outlet - same story - then a kitchen fitting chain - you've guessed. The catalogue shop only fits two models, both made by a joke company worse than the one I've got.

Finally, inspired, I called a small local electrical goods retailer. Yes, they do sell integrated dishwashers. Yes, they do fit them. Yes, they do take the old one away. For an inclusive price. Eureka! I went along and selected a sale price model of a top manufacturer (Siemens) and it should be here and installed in a week or so.

I'm sure that's a slice of life as we all know it, but no sign of the lovely Vincent anywhere.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good reason to be...

...a leather case...

...a pair of handcuffs ...

...a cute little doggie...

... photograph...

...a cigarette...

...a pen...

...or a medical examiner.

Physical contact with a very physical man.

Expressive Eyes

Vincent's eyes are really expressive, as we all know, but we can't see Bobby's contribution as Blogger wouldn't let me post any more pictures. Helpfully, it posted Mr Blue twice.

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