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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Expressive Eyes

Vincent's eyes are really expressive, as we all know, but we can't see Bobby's contribution as Blogger wouldn't let me post any more pictures. Helpfully, it posted Mr Blue twice.


Tess said...

Don't ya just love Blogger?! I have to say, the picture of Carl just breaks my heart..You can see the fear and confusion in his eyes.

Mr. Blue twice is alway's nice!

ann said...

erm... to make a point...

beautiful soft brown eyes + expression = talented actor

Diane said...

Blogger needs a rocket up it's exhaust pipe....

eliza said...

I can live with two Mr Blue's :)

Yes,his eyes are wonderfully expressive.he conveys every emotion so well with them that I can hardly bear to watch anything else in a scene.

i have to say that I rarely post through Blogger anymore.thankfully photobucket can be set up to let me post direct.Means I can post bigger pics :)

Eliza xxxxx

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