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Saturday, November 04, 2006

For JoJo

For some reason all my caps are going black today, so I enlisted the help of Picasa to put together this collage for JoJo.

Unfortunately, JoJo, the actual bit of him thumping the noticeboard won't copy well because he's moving so fast it blurs, but I hope this bit will do instead.

Anyone trying to save it will also find I made a mistake in the titling as I'd just been capping Tuxedo Hill, so please try to contain your amusement at my dimwittedness and give it a title of y our own.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Person Of Interest

I just managed to cap about half of this episode. Of course, the person of interest is really Bobby. I found I was particularly interested in his hands, his eyes and eyelashes, his back...and his lap.

Once again, one picture has faded away to black nothingness.

A quick snatch...

...before I go off and capture a few more pictures.

Thanks to those who made these lovely shots possible.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All My Own Work!

I've found that I have a programme already on my computer that will let me capture stills from my region 2 dvds. So welcome to the very first original Val's Own pictures, all from one of my favourite episodes, Chinoiserie.

Don't know what happened to this one - it was there a minute ago!

Vincent D'Onofrio, Sex God

How is it he never gets nominated for Sexiest Man On The Planet? He so obviously is.

Thanks to Eliza, Tamara and others whose skills I have not acknowledged by name for producing these pictures.

Tagged Again!

This time it was Eliza who tagged me, and she gave me W.

We Can Work It Out

When I'm Sixty-Four

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

With A Little Help From My Friends

Within You Without You

Two George Harrison ones in this - I adored him, like Ann, and greatly mourn his passing. You can only get one each of J and K out of The Beatles, , 4 Os, and no U, X or Z. Pretty good record of records, eh?

Eliza, I give you F.

Ann, how about O?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Brave JoJo, Two Times WInner

OK, so it's the wrong JoJo, but I'm sure our JoJo won't mind!

Only JoJo has been courageous enough to comment on my Tagged post, so, even though she's done a B already, she gets the prize of another letter.

How about N, JoJo?

Moody and Magnificent

I think Season 2 was the best so far, and these four pictures from Shandeh show the lovely Mr D'Onofrio at his talented and handsome best. I want to kiss those eyes happy and lick those lips for him.

Thanks to Eliza for these heart-melting shots.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Madi gave me the letter D to name 5 songs. I said they'd all be Beatles songs, and here they are:

Day Tripper

Don't Let Me Down

Do You Want To Know A Secret

Don't Bother Me

Dear Prudence

If you comment, I can tag you in return.

Perfect From Head To Toe

With wavy long hair

or bald

with a cute nose

and a fine high brow

lips and tongue to die for

a delicious profile

and sweet ears

neck to nibble

a beautiful back

powerful arms

fine hands

broad, powerful shoulders

a terrific torso


a squeezable butt

amazing thighs
and big, shapely feet

Vincent D'Onofrio, actor, hunk, phenomenon.
The perfect man.
Many thanks to those who provided these great pictures that helped me define his wondrous features.

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