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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bedfellows - Lost In Space

Last night, Season 6 got to Bdfellows, one of my favourite episodes 'cos Bobby looks so freaking HOT in it.

There were a couple of frozen picture interludes - then the satellite signal was lost.


No sweat. I recorded it on Hallmark+1 AND the second showing on the main Hallmark channel on my Sky+ box.

This morning I tried to transfer it to the Hard Disc Drive of my DVD recorder. It informed me that the material was protected and could not be recorded - but only after it had pretended to record it for an hour! ON BOTH RCORDINGS!

So I still don't have my own recording of Bedfellows.

Lucky I have the one Eliza sent me last year :)

It is only with hindsight and the knowledge we now have about Bobby's childhood and his mother and father favouring Frank, that we cn fully understand Bobby's reaction to the grandfather's favouritism towards one grandson and neglect of the other.

Poor Bobby!

This is the shot - Bobby reminded of his own dysfunctional childhood.

Lots of great neck shots in this episode.

Quite a nice set of python pictures, too...


Eliza said...

I always used to put problems with Sky down to the weather..and it was wet last night LOL

Sorry you had trouble with recording the episode...I prefer recording straight to dvd if possible,just feels safer somehow.

Oh,before I forget....lovely pictures,especially the neck close-ups :-D

judith said...

python spotting. NAUGHTY but NICE!!!!!!

jazzy said...

that python would make a perfect bedfellow!

thx for sharing your slideshow, val

Music Wench said...

I appreciate all the lovely photos of Vincent and his python. :-D

JoJo said...

I caught on to his empathy for the ignored grandchild too. Now it all makes perfect sense.

SnarkAngel said...

The ending of that episode was so heartbreaking ... and Eames seemed to sense the effect that the grandfather's favortism had on our poor, angst-ridden Bobby. Those neck shots are fabulous! So very, very nibble-liscious!

Lozzie Cap said...

There was a hole load of setting up for season seven in that one episode alone. Wonderful stuff. I hated that character played (so well!) by Rip Torn ... my heart went out to the little boy who was being ignored and put down all the time.

I just wanted Goren and Eames to call Social Services and have him placed with a foster family who might have given two shits about him ...

Anonymous said...

See, this is why I won't have Sky+. I don't like it when the technology 'takes over' from me, and like Eliza, I just feel safer recording straight to DVD.

Our favourite Python was trying very hard (Ahem!) to trip him up at certain points in this.

Tess said...

Beautiful neck shots, the python, I loved this episode :)

Thanks Val..

silly for Vincent said...

AH...sweet Bobby...mmmmmmm!!!And the great neck...slurpppppp!!!

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